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Mike, you were fantastic! i loved your outfit and your professionalism. You made me feel so important and I loved how you'd check in with me from time to time to make sure everything was going well. The room to our venue was 'L' shaped and i really appreciated how you set up a little extra speaker so that people could hear in the corner of the room. I couldn’t have had a better DJ! Thank you so much.

Michael and Lianne - Dec 2016


DJ was terrific. He was friendly and accommodating. Any music we requested was played in great sequence.  We had an interesting crowd and Mario did everything he could to get the dance floor going.

Emelie - Holiday Christmas Party - Dec 2016


Choosing a DJ for our Christmas party is always hard. We have such a diverse group of employees in terms of ages and cultural backgrounds, so its hard to find that right mix to make people happy. Overall, it was a great night. Michael was very interactive with guests and provided a trivia game to decide which tables would go to the buffett line - this received great reviews from people. Interactivity was definitely something lacking from previous DJs. The music mix seemed to get people up dancing - quite a few of our guests traditionally leave after dinner, and with the expected storm that evening, people left when they could. The use of requests via the cards on the table, and through text was a neat touch! Michael was engaging and interactive, and didn't just stay hidden behind the equipment! Overall, on behalf of our event, I was pleased!

Lynn (Saint Elizabeth Healthcare) - Dec 2016


Lesley had Great energy, good music, kept guests dancing!

Jessica and Neil - Dec 2016


Everyone absolutely loved the music and had a blast dancing.  We did have a lot of complaints about sore body parts on Monday.  I take that as a success because they danced their butts off.  We did not have people leave the dance floor till the very end compared to the last DJ where everyone left an hour before the party was supposed to end.

Fawn - Pattison Signs - Dec 2016


The guests loved that they could text in song requests and that the requests got played.  They were good at keeping those who wanted to dance up and dancing all night. 

Julie - Town of Innisfil - Nov 2016


DJ Matt did a great job.  He seemed to really read the crowd and keep playing the music that made people dance. They struck the perfect balance between top hits and country

Rachael (4-H Canada) - Nov 2016


DJ Mike was courteous and just fantastic!! I’m so glad I booked through DJ MasterMix, worth every single penny!! I would highly recommend this service to anyone!! You can tell Mike truly cares about his business.

Marnie and Steve - Nov 2016


Everything was great! Right off the bat I told Michael I wanted a party atmosphere and everyone up on the Dancefloor and that’s exactly what we got! It was a great party and our guests had an amazing time!  I have seen other DJs who were not as upbeat or involved in the night.  DJ Anthony was enthusiastic and looked like he was enjoying himself!

Mike and Andria - Nov 2016


From the day we met Michael at DJ MasterMix to the end of our wedding day, we were more than thrilled with everything he did for us to make our day the most perfect day ever!! I honestly don't think our wedding would have been as perfect without him. He did so much to make sure us and the kids were all organized and knew what to do. Our ceremony was outside and the sound was great. The guests all had a great time and it was nice to see both the kids and adults having an awesome time on the dance floor... I just can't say enough good things about him and his team.

Sondra and Ro - Nov 2016


DJ MasterMix made our wedding fantastic - he was really willing to work with me and my fiance on our requirements (which included things like no Coldplay, no matter how much the groomsmen beg you) and helped me hand craft the perfect playlist. He was a gem to work with and I would highly recommend him.

Matt and Amalia - Oct 2016


The night was amazing, and everything went perfectly! Leslie was great I honestly have no complaints at all.  I was very happy with the experience so thanks for everything your company did I really appreciate it! It was easy, ran smoothly, and overall an awesome experience and that’s exactly what you hope for at your wedding ?

Kyle and Candice - Oct 2016


Thank you again so very very much for all of your hard work on our wedding day, and leading up to it. You were an incredible DJ and Emcee and we would certainly recommend you and DJ MasterMix in a heartbeat!!

Andy & Katie - Oct 2016


Very happy with how the night went! Our guests were asking about you and everyone had a great time! Thanks for helping make our day so perfect!  You played exactly what everyone wanted to hear, not just a playlist.

Darcy and Elyse - Oct 2016


Mike at DJ MasterMix exceeded all of our expectations and helped made our wedding day a perfect one. From our initial phone call and all the planning leading up to the big day, Mike was professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Mike's interest and commitment to his profession was demonstrated with every encounter and even more so on the wedding day. DJ MasterMix has a wide variety of music and even created a special bilingual mix of music for our first dance. The use of the DJ's equipment was helpful during our ceremony and the music played seamlessly through ceremony, cocktails, reception and dancing. Mike kept the dance floor alive and all of our guests loved the variety of tunes that he played, gearing towards all ages and paces of songs. The interactive planing platform DJ MasterMix uses is user friendly, and incredibly helpful- having detailed or more free spirited brides ensure all areas are met to your expectations. DJ MasterMix was very quick to respond to all our inquires and emails were responded in a beyond timely manner. I would highly recommend DJ MasterMix to anyone needing professional music (DJ) services for their event.

Felix and Angela - Oct 2016

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Anthony was amazing! I really liked that he kept checking with me throughout the night. He genuinely cared about our experience!

Miranda and Rob - Sept 2016


DJ Michael Roberts of DJ MasterMix created an incredible atmosphere at our wedding. He embodied professionalism, creativity and passion for his craft throughout our event and the months of planning beforehand. Michael responded to every email and question within hours and met every expectation we had and more. His planning worksheets were a true life saver and were far more thorough than other planning resources available online. We could not have been more thrilled with the service he provided. He took our ideas and ran with them, allowing us to put our feet up and enjoy our guests and our special day. We have had nothing but complements about the music he chose for dancing, his amazing personality and the kindness that he showed to our family and friends. We even had a few people who NEVER dance get up and participate. It was a perfect and magical day!!! Thank you, Michael!

Sarah and Michael - Sept 2016


From the moment I first talked with Michael Roberts of DJ MasterMix on the phone I was pleased. He took the time to explain everything someone required to know about hiring a DJ. I had my reservations (regarding price) but as time went on and more communication took place, those reservations disappeared and in the end we were absolutely beyond satisfied with the service provided and was worth every penny. From meeting with Michael before the wedding, the online log in which gives you easy control of requests and other details, to DJ Tim coming up to both of us through out the night at the wedding and double checking everything was going perfectly, we were both absolutely pleased and our wedding day was perfect. DJ Tim did a wonderful job with music and volume during the ceremony, had everyone dancing up a storm all night long, played all our guests requests and worked wonderfully with my brother the emcee all through the night. Thank you DJ MasterMix for a job well done and we will highly recommend you to everyone we can.

Melissa and Kirk - Sept 2016


Fantastic service! No complaints whatsoever and would definitely hire DJ MasterMix again. Anthony was wonderful even though he had a tough crowd!

Jonathan and Zara - Sept 2016


DJ MasterMix brought a ton of enthusiasm.  Everyone, from my boss (retirement age) down to our friends (in their 20s) loved the music selection and had a blast; music selection and timing was spot on. Also we really did appreciate how often the DJ checked in with us throughout the event to make sure everything was to our satisfaction.  

Adam and Jessica - Sept 2016


Such a great experience from start to finish! DJ MasterMix was so helpful and friendly. Great response time When answering any and all questions. I highly recommend DJ MasterMix!

Aimee and Paul - Aug 2016


Justin was excellent.  He was right on time and suitably dressed.  Very Professional Attitude, hopefully he enjoyed himself as much as we did !!

Maryellen - Aug 2016


Everything was spectacular.  I have seen many other DJs who were not good.  Tim could teach them a thing or two.  Thank you

David and Angela - Aug 2016


Absolutely wonderful DJ service. Professional and guest had a wonderful time! Working with Michael through the entire wedding planning process was fun and assuring.   As a DJ Ron went above and beyond his duties by

- teaching Emcees how to use the mic.
-  worked hard to coordinate speeches and meal courses
- stayed on schedule
- interacted with guests in a positive way
- on top of water spills to minimize falls
- friendly and professional
-  played brides favorite song for her birthday celebration!

Katy and Matt - Aug 2016


Everything from the planning to the Emcee to the event of music for the day, was beyond amazing.

Aislynn and Rob - Aug 2016


Michael was great!  All the music we requested was played and our guests were dancing all night long.  I even had comments from my guests saying they thought we had a pianist booked for the ceremony as the sound was so crisp and clear.  Not only was the music great but he was very good us on schedule as well. 

Tim and Kerri - July 2016


Michael was way better then any DJ I have seen!!! Great music! Very outgoing and great with the group.

Raquel and Ryan - July 2016


"We are so happy that we used DJ Mastermix at our wedding! They were so supportive and their online wedding planner was an amazing tool that really came in handy during the planning process. Anthony was so flexible and was able to roll with the punches when a few last-minute changes happened, and we really appreciated it! The music was great and we had people up and dancing pretty much the whole time. The fact that they found a few little-known songs for us to dance to was awesome! Thanks so much, DJ Mastermix!!"

Megan and Mitchell - July 2016


Overall Justin’s performance was much better then DJs I have seen,  with better music suited for the crowd.  I was very pleased with our DJ from ceremony straight through to the reception.  We have had countless people tell us how memorable the night was and Justin was a huge part of that.  Thank you !!

Kaley and Erin - June 2016


Anthony compared very well against any other DJ's I have seen. I have been to weddings where the DJ has almost ruined the evening with the type of music they played. Anthony did extremely well, kept us up and dancing all night.

Scott and Jody - June 2016


DJ MasterMix was exactly what we were looking for in a DJ, they provided good ideas to help the evening flow in a fun manner. 

John and Nicole - June 2016

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Michael was a great addition to our special day.  He was very kind and helpful leading up to the day.  I trusted him, therefore it took a lot of stress off of me.  This was way better than the previous DJ I saw at my friends wedding. My DJ got all my songs right.

Jacklyn and Steve - June 2016


We have nothing but great things to say about Justin and our experience with your company. Day/night of Justin was very professional, courteous and helpful. Mike you have been very easy and pleasant to deal with, so thank you for making our lives a little easier.

Michael and Andrea - June 2016


Michael did a great job, best Wedding DJ I have seen

Rob and Theresa - June 2016


I am amazed at the quality of service for the price. Will most definitely be calling you again. I have already referred you to other engaged couples.

Clinton and Krystina - May 2016


We had so many comments on how great our DJ was.  DJ MasterMix was the best I have seen.

Ashley and Randy - April 2016


So glad we booked him for this event. It was a night to remember a special sweet 16 Great Gatsby event. I couldn’t of asked for more!  I have never been more pleased with the communication and direction from DJ MasterMix.  I have booked MANY DJ's which none were as helpful and I have had a no show also. 

Lyne Davis - April 2016


Anthony was extremely good. Took what we said in our pre event meeting and ran with it, Ran everything well without issues.

Scott and Jody - April 2016


Teresa was fantastic! She was very friendly and enthusiastic! Everyone loved her

Shaunna and Dan - April 2016


We really appreciated the willingness to help make sure the night was as smooth as possible.  Overall couldn't of had a better DJ.  Great Enthusiasm and went  above and beyond expectations.

Blake and Nicole Helka - Feb 2016


We were very happy with Anthony!  DJ's are all different, I enjoyed Anthony's music choices, more than past DJ's

Candice Cole - Pearl Decor & Events (Cookstown Chamber of Commerce) - Feb 2016


Thank you again for providing such great services.  Many people came to me Sunday, and said how fantastic of a job you guys did!

We really appreciate all your help you provided us with on Saturday night.  Especially that Toonie toss, you guys were great! The music through out the night was also fantastic.  A very big thank you again!!!

Candice and Kyle - Jan 2016


Mike knows how to read a Crowd, Nothing else to say other then he's the best

Anthony and Danielle - Jan 2016


We had a great time, DJ Matthew did a great job filling in at the last minute, both Vanessa and myself are very happy with his performance.  There was a huge amount of dancing going on and everyone really had a good time.  DJ MasterMix understood the flow of the party and played music which fit the flow and made it more enjoyable then other DJ services I have seen before.

Jeff and Vanessa Love - Jan 2016


DJ MasterMix was amazing! Michael was extremely calm and accommodating- we instantly clicked when we spoke on the phone and we knew he would be perfect for our wedding! And he was!  Thanks again! Everything was absolutely AMAZING! I have received some great feedback with regards to the message that is sent to individuals who have texted you to request songs during the night.  Thanks again for making our day so memorable!

Krista and Tyeler Helsel - Jan 2016

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