DJ MasterMix has been providing Professional DJ service over 25 years.  Here are what our clients / couples are saying

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Micheal was absolutely incredible!  Everything went so perfectly, and he was so interactive and wonderful!  The music kept everyone going and I could go on forever how fabulous he was! Music can make or break and event and Micheal was amazing.  He also ran and cleaned the mic before each person spoke to keep everyone safe

Erica and Taylor - Sept 2020

DJ MasterMix made our wedding!  Planning a wedding through Covid was incredibly challenging. We truly thought since we weren't going to have much dancing that we did not need a D.J. but DJ MasterMix was the best decision we could have made for the wedding!  They made the wedding so much fun!!! Not only that, but he was incredibly helpful and organized in the planning process! I HIGHLY recommend!

Katrina and Abdul

Your services were amazing! Thank you for your flexibility with date change due to covid and from full services to elopement services we enjoyed it!

Ryan & Bailey - Sept 2020

I can't thank Michael and DJ MasterMix enough!!  My husband and I planned our wedding through COVID, and Michael was always right there to answer our questions or adjust his services to our needs.  He had great advice throughout our whole journey.  On our big day, he worked quietly and efficiently behind the scenes to make sure that everything went off without a hitch!  We couldn't imagine our big day without DJ MasterMix!

Olivia and Anthony - Sept 2020

Mike and Matt, you both were amazing, Matt you where right on the money with music choices that took is into the wee hours of the morning. Mike your time spent with is to ensure we had the perfect song choices was also invaluable to us. Boy it was more choices for more songs then I've knew we’d have to choose. So, thank you both for your guidance through this planning process especially on very short notice. And even the last-minute changes.

Shelley and Lorys - Aug 2020

The wedding was absolutely perfect, and Mike was amazing! We would change a thing about it. Mike coordinated everything flawlessly.  I give his workmanship and performance 5 stars! 

Stephanie and Brian - Aug 2020

We would love to give some feedback... but we have nothing but fabulous things to say!  Seriously, amazing job & everyone had such a great time thanks to you.

Caleb & Paige - 2020

Everything went great and I have had many compliments about you! I thank you for all your help and getting the group going! It made the night!

Krista and Jordan - March 2020

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Chase was absolutely incredible! It was a great night 🙂 

Emily - March 2020

We're full of love, gratitude and joy from our wedding, in no small part because of the great service that you provided for our ceremony and reception! We are especially grateful that you made sure to find us for important dances and moments and helped to keep us all on time - that was really helpful and meaningful for us. We also appreciated how smoothly the day ran and that you helped find a sewing kit for my broken dress!

Jesse & Charles - Feb 2020

JP was fantastic!! Everyone said it was the most fun wedding that they have been to. Multiple people asked about the DJ and I sent along your name to a number of people. No one stopped dancing; it was the easy fun wedding we wanted. Thank you, guys, so much!

Bizz and Kirk - Feb 2020

DJ Michael was great!  We'd absolutely hire him again and again!

Amy (Blue Mountain) - Dec 2019

DJ Leslie and Emily with the Photo Booth both a big hit!   We loved the additions to our event and received many compliments on both of them!

Gail (Hunter Engineering) - Dec 2019

DJ Jean Paul was the best!  Everyone at the party loved him.  He was really accommodating and did not have to be told what to do.  I really appreciate all that he did and I wish him all the very best!

Helen  (Hi- Mark) - Dec 2019

Michael was fantastic to work with, Michael listened to my suggestions and was proactive in making the event better where he could.  He knew the venue really well, which made planning logistics easy. He was also very helpful and on point with his MC duties. The sound and lights were excellent, and our guests really enjoyed the night!

Olivia (Cronos Group) - Dec 2019 knocked it out of the park for us on Friday night !!!! Everyone loved everything about the evening but ESPECIALLY  the music. You hit the nail on the head with you selection and you saw the result on the packed dance floor. 

Thank you for helping to making our organizing committee (especially me..haha!!!  look good) You’re the best!

Gail (Probus Club)- Dec 2019

Everything was great - I took a couple of days to recover, and am still amazed we pulled that wedding off in 10 weeks!  The music and emceeing was fantastic - I'm so glad you were able to be with us that evening.  Thanks so very much!!

Keely and Justin - Nov 2019

Thank you for checking in. We had a great time at our Christmas party. Thank you for doing an amazing job. We appreciated it very much. We will definitely keep you in mind for future events. 

Michelle (Great Clips) - Nov 2019

DJ MasterMix was amazing!  He worked closely with my husband and I to understand our wedding guests and to play the music that they would actually boogie to.  Our guest commented that they loved all the music choices and that our dance floor rocked!  Highly recommend DJ MasterMix.

Kyle and Erinn - Nov 2019

We always enjoy DJ Michael at our events.
He is great with the crowd, very helpful with games, and assists in ensuring the night goes smoothly!

Michelle (McDonalds) - Nov 2019

The evening went well.  I had no problems or complaints.  The team was very happy with everything and want to thank you very much for helping us to make it a fun and successful evening.

Dufferin Oakes - Nov 2019

DJ Gord was great! He was very responsive to our needs and was great facilitating requests (and there were many!) from our guests.   Really appreciate everything.
Christian and Marie-Claude - Nov 2019

Everything was fantastic! We were so happy! Sean was over the moon you played some of his favourites he forgot to tell you about!
Thank you sooo much for everything we are so thankful we went with you! Just such an amazing job!!!!

Sean and Mercedes - Nov 2019

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Everything went great at the wedding at DJ Gord was awesome.  We were very pleased with the service.  Also, my sister did a music related speech and after her speech he played many of the songs she referenced which was a nice touch

Karen and Phillip - Nov 2019


Everything was perfect and I personally truly appreciated Michael checking in with me to make sure everything was going smoothly.  We will definitely be recommending DJ MasterMix to anyone in the future! 
My coordinator Sam also said he was wonderful to work with as well as my cousin Jimmy.  A great experience all around.  
Amanda & Ryan Stitt - Oct 2019


Absolutely fantastic...  outstanding work by DJ Grant, he kept them in the dance floor until close...   Always a pleasure working with DJ MasterMix

Splash Events - Oct 2019


The atmosphere was so much more lively and energetic, when there was a song no one really danced to he switched it quick so people came back onto the dance floor. Mike was engaging, outgoing, and overall amazing.

I’m still getting comments about how everything was great, and they loved the music.

Marine and Brett - Oct 2019


Leslie did an amazing job and made my dream come true! I was on the dance floor all night and the dance floor was booming. She was a perfect match for our wedding day and can’t thank her enough! She had amazing advice for the day of and made her I had everything I needed. She really knows how to work the crowd and played “banger after banger.”

Erin and Ryan - Oct 2019


I wanted to share how fantastic you were during our wedding and in the lead up. As you could tell by all of the dancing, everyone loved the music and energy that you brought. You made my dream of our wedding being a big dance party come true, and for that, we are extremely grateful!
I also want to thank you for being so professional and helpful in the months leading up to our wedding. As I mentioned when we chatted that night, I felt completely confident that you would be a great choice because I felt your passion for what you do and commitment to helping us ensure that our wedding was exactly what we wanted in each and every interaction we had. It’s refreshing to work with someone so deeply invested in and energized by their work.

Shannon and Brandon - Oct 2019


We can't thank you enough for the great job you did. You kept the ambient music going all day, and kept people on their feet for the whole party....even my dad was dancing to Bon Jovi by the end!
Thanks for also being so flexible and helpful with the last minute livestream....and the unexpected yurt relocation. 
Maeve and John - Oct 2019


We had a great time at our wedding with DJ Mario, and yes my feet are finally back to normal ? Thank you for everything - the dance floor was packed all night and we had the BEST day ever!
Mallory and Mark - Oct 2019


THANK YOU! Everything was absolutely amazing and Jay, myself and all our guests had such an amazing time.  You helped us with quick changes on the spot and made the entire evening so much fun!   We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know is getting married.
Trisha and Jay - Oct 2019


Saturday was fantastic! Everyone had an amazing time, nothing but good comments for Tyson! Everyone loved him and he knew how to keep the party going. He was professional and he was very good about making sure me and my husband were happy about how things were going throughout the night.
Holly and Brook - Oct 2019


Everything was absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for all Your planning help and advice etc. If you took any pictures or wanted to use ones we had we give permission.

Chris and Sarah - Oct 2019


Was a great night. Mario was able to read the audience/dancers and play music that would keep them dancing! He worked well trying to coordinate things with our MC

Brittany and Kevin - Oct 2019


We all had so much fun and DJ Ty was a large part of that! We even had a few people who never dance get up on the dance floor, which was awesome.

Charlotte and Derek - Sept 2019


Everything went great, very professional and have no concerns. Would definitely recommend again 

Mat and Chance - Sept 2019


Grant was amazing! Knew exactly how to keep the party going! Honestly! Everyone loved him!
Jordan and Daniel - Sept 2019


We really liked how DJ Ty changed the song when he noticed that people weren’t really into it. I also liked how he came to me a few times giving me a heads up it was almost time to do things like the cake cutting and bouquet toss.
Everyone had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the music that was played!
We will definitely be recommending DJ MasterMix ?
Chris and Melissa McCallum - Sept 2019


The wedding was absolutely perfect. Gord did a great job & we’ve heard nothing but compliments from our guests.

Lauren and Mack - Sept 2019


Everything was AMAZING!!! We cannot thank you enough. The dance floor was packed the entire night thanks to the awesome music. Couldn’t have asked for better service, DJ Grant was amazing!!!! Exactly what we envisioned for our special day. So thank you guys so much for everything, we truly appreciate it!!! Wish we could get married again just to have another sweet party lol

Sarah and Dave - Sept 2019


Leslie was great! Played great songs and even offered some very good advice for the day. Everyone had a blast!
Alexandra and Matt - Sept 2019


Everything was great! Everyone loved the DJ and we have a few that are interested for their weddings and events! We have passed along the website and contact info!
Thanks again so much, we had a blast and Micheal was super helpful all through the night!

Hailey and Cameron - Sept 2019

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Things went quite well on Saturday. Leslie was really great at feeling the crowd for music (I only really had a few dancers who wanted to dance, so she kept them very happy!), and she was very quick with transition songs in between speeches that directly linked to something that was said in the speech. This was fantastic and definitely got some laughs! 

Thank you very much for all your help throughout this entire process! You were very professional, and definitely helped us plan this thing! 

Coralyn & Jared - Sept 2019


Everything was wonderful thanks so much.

Olivia and Nicholas - Sept 2019


We had an amazing team of professionals helping us on Saturday. Chris played a key role amongst them. He was the perfect fit for us. A number of our guests commented on how great the music was. He really seemed to understand the mix of music that would work, keeping everyone enjoying themselves late into the night. We are both very thankful that he was part of our celebration.
Andrew and Larry - Sept 2019


Saturday was great! Ty did an awesome job. I felt really bad because I know he was being pulled every which way with requests.   We had an amazing time and he did great.

Becky & Jake - Sept 2019


Both Marshall and I very much appreciated Leslie’s thoroughness with her pre event questions, and how she executed day of. She even went above and beyond by placing a fan by the head table so we would not overheat.  We were very pleased with her services and professionalism and will absolutely recommend DJ MasterMix to others.

Shannon and Marshall - Sept 2019


Dj Micheal was excellent!!!! Our guests, myself and Drew and our entire wedding party had a blast! Michael was very professional leading up to the wedding with constant and quick communication via email and phone. During the day he was always checking in with our MC's to ensure everything was on time and rolling smoothly. His music choice was perfect for the timing of the wedding. He played a great mix of older music and transitioned into more current music later in the night. I am very happy we decided to choose DJ MasterMix to be part of our special day. I would recommend Michael for any special event anyone has coming up as I know he will bring the same positive attitude and energy to everything he does. 
Katie and Drew - Aug 2019


Mike was so attentive to what I wanted, and did a fantastic job!

Monica and Eric - Aug 2019


You did an amazing job! We loved the music all night, the mix was perfect. I loved that people opened the dance floor during cocktail hour and that we shut the floor down with a slow jam. Our whole day was just fabulous. We loved everything about it ❤️ Thank you for being a huge part of that!

Ulana and Ben - Aug 2019


We had a blast at our wedding !!!! Michael was so great and observant to our guests that the music was fitting and our dance floor was never empty. He was also a great emcee and did a great job with the timing of the ceremony music and our first dance. The announcements he made for the speeches were great too. We definitely recommend you !!!!
Suzanne & James Yen - Aug 2019


Everything went great on Saturday! DJ Ron was amazing and great to work with. He would come and check in every so often as well as even lending a hand at the end of the night for tear down. Could not have asked for a better DJ!

Emma and Joel - Aug 2019


DJ Micheal was fantastic. I received many compliments from my guests about great music and his personality. He was very adaptable to any changes in schedule which I truly appreciated. He was truly a fantastic emcee and DJ. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.  Thank you very much for everything. It was an amazing night.
Heather and Jean-Sebastien - Aug 2019


Leslie was great she got the dance floor moving. Worked well with requests and some very last min song changes! Friendly and easy to work with. My cousin was impressed with with as were a lot of the guests.  Thanks for an awesome time
Courtney and Matthew - Aug 2019


Everything went great the night of our wedding. DJ Michael was great and did everything to make the night as memorable as it could be. We were really 
happy with Michael as our DJ. Thank you.
Kyla and J-F - Aug 2019


DJ Grant was great! He definitely got the crowd dancing, and no one  wanted it to end.
Thanks so much for your services.

Cheryl and Chris - Aug 2019


I think our wedding went really well and I truly feel you were the main reason why everything was on time and ran smoothly. Having you in charge for the ceremony was amazing !!! From the microphones, lapel mic, ceremony music and to creating a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. Guest have been calling and telling me it’s been the best wedding they have been to! Your choice of music flowed through cocktail hour into dinner and dancing! You kept us on schedule and even had the perfect suggestions for situations we were experiencing. You are so observant and made everything seamless, relaxed and stress free. I’m so thankful that we had the opportunity to work with you! You go beyond just being our DJ and emcee!
Thank you for all the advice and guidance. Our day wouldn’t have been the same without you!
I hope one day our paths cross again. I have been and will continue to proudly refer you to any couple we meet and sway my principal to have you at my schools banquet and prom events. I still think Kate and Mike will continue to win the title for most referred but I shall try to give them a run for the title!
Spencer and Jessica - Aug 2019


Things went great last weekend. We are pleased with how everything went.   We are pleased with the service!

Sara and Peter - Aug 2019


Everything was amazing!!!! We had our dream wedding!!! People dancing, people relaxing and people drinking could have not been any better!!!!
Thank you thank you

Paul and Jocelyn - July 2019


Everything was great! DJ Leslie did a great job and we were really happy with everything!

Kaitlyn and Jason - July 2019


The wedding was great ! Evening couldn’t have gone any smoother ! Grant was amazing.  Couldn’t have changed anything.

Ashley and Arthur - July 2019


Couldn’t have been happier with our DJ for our wedding on July 7th. DJ Michael was awesome, there were people up dancing who don’t normally dance. The music was loud enough to have fun and still be able to talk to all our guests without shouting.

Loved Micheal’s attention to detail and check ins on how everything was going during the evening.

Nick and Helen - July 2019


Everything was wonderful on Saturday! JP did a great job with the music, a little country heavy (which I personally loved) and we missed the generation dance, which is too bad. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and the dance floor was hoppin' most of the night! Thank you for an amazing party!

Maddy and Andrew - July 2019


On behalf of the entire team, Thank you to Michael! Everyone had an amazing time and absolutely loved karaoke night.
Michael was friendly, great to get along with and punctual in starting the event.
There were a few shy attendees, but his music selection helped pull them up on stage and even when there was no one singing, he took over the floor like a champ and made sure the event kept going.

Sonia - July 2019

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Our DJ was fantastic! Thank you so much for your services, everything went off without a hitch and I so appreciate how Michael adapted on the spot to little changes that were needed as the night went on. All of our guests went on and on about what a good time they had and that it was one of the latest weddings they had been to because everyone just couldn’t leave the dance floor! My brother, who played our first dance, also made a point of letting me know how professional and organized Michael was as he helped set up for the live music. We were very happy with the services and would absolutely recommend! Thank you again, our wedding was a night we will never forget!
Sarah and Spencer - July 2019



Everything went great, I don’t have any complaints!  Thank you for everything your portal planning truly makes the process easy!

Samantha and Adam - June 2019



Our wedding was a massive success, in large part due to Michael's professionalism, charisma, and music selection. Having spoken him during the event, he had clearly coordinated very well with our officiant and the hall. Cues were organized, on time, and all pre-selected songs were done right. As our emcee, he presented well for our guests and all information was communicated clearly and quickly. All speeches were introduced well and he checked in with us several times through the night.
All of the music was a hit. The songs through dinner were either songs we hadn't heard in ages, the classics, or interesting covers of current songs. It blended well, and people were singing along all through the meal. During the dancing, he read the crowd well and people kept flocking to the dance floor from open till close. He included our must play east-coast songs and it was blended into the rest of the music so well. People commented all night that they loved the music selection!
We're so grateful to have had Michael as our DJ for our wedding.
Thanks again,
Ryan and Jessica - June 2019



We had a great time with DJ Grant and were very satisfied with the services you provided. Thanks again!

Mark and Emily - June 2019



Mike,  I can’t thank you enough!  My son came home telling me that he danced all night!  All of the grade 8 graduates had a rockin’ time and enjoyed the music you played.  

A “win” in my books!  I have passed your name along to a few friends.  Do you do DJ bat mitzvah?

Dana - June 2019



DJ Gord did a fantastic job ! He has everyone up dancing  and standing on their chairs during dinner !! So many compliments from guests ! Thanks a lot for everything !

Michelle and Brandon - June 2019



DJ Michael was absolutely fantastic on my wedding day. Hosting a wedding with a lot of relatives who are not used to "dance songs and engaging in activity", I was blown away at how DJ Michael managed to have everyone engaged. There were multiple people who came up to me after the wedding who told me that they loved my DJ - even my mom was impressed!

Adrienne and Chi - June 2019



Everything went do great! The day was perfect and JP was wonderful.  Everyone had so much fun!
Thanks so much for everything!

Jenna and Kevin - June 2019



DJ Michael was awesome!! We couldn’t have asked for a better fit or a more accommodating person!!  Will definitely recommend for any Future events!!

Laura and Leslie - June 2019



It was an amazing day and everything went well with Mike.  He was an awesome DJ & MC. We would be happy to recommend him to other couples.

Emily and Dylan - June 2019



Tyson did a great job, very professional and punctual. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ to complete their event.

Chris and Ashley - June 2019



Everything went really well at our wedding. We think that you did an amazing job as not only being our DJ but also our MC. It allowed all friends and family to enjoy themselves. I also want to note how my mom commented how you went above and beyond during set up and throughout the night to ensure everything was perfect (e.g., the cake table!). You ensured everything was professional, on time, and that both Najaf and I were happy throughout the entire day/night and we knew exactly what was happening. So thank you very much!! We would highly recommend you to our friends and family!

Najaf and Ashley - June 2019


We had a great experience with DJ Gord and Mike as the Photo Booth Attendant!  They were on the ball with everything and we didn’t have any issues whatsoever.   Very helpful and professional.  
Thank you again for such awesome service 

Jason and Jessica - June 2019

Leslie was amazing - best DJ we could have asked for. She went above and beyond and was a hit!

Heather and Patrick - June 2019


I want to start by saying thank you to DJ MasterMix and DJ Michael for supplying the AV for the event. The music was perfect for the crowd in attendance, the sound system was exactly what we needed for the show. 
DJ Michael went above and beyond to help with the night, from helping set up the venue to covering the front door to take tickets when needed. 
I will only be choosing DJ MasterMix for all my future events.

Joe - May 2019



DJ MasterMix was better than other DJs I have seen perform at a Buck and Doe.  I have not seen other DJ’s get involved with guests and make great announcements.  We got a lot of positive feedback.

Marisa and Albert - May 2019



Thank you for following up. Gord was a pleasure to work with. He brought his own table and was ready to go at the start of the event. I asked him to be like a radio station on location and interact with the crowd. He was excellent and even engaged the group in the cha cha slide.

Krista - May 2019



Yes everything went well, Grant was great! Very easy going and made sure everything was good throughout the night. He went over the schedule at the beginning and was very flexible. Anything he was unsure of he clarified to make sure he knew about how games worked, etc. When we lost track of time he would remind us of things coming up like toonie toss ? We loved that he came with some Star Wars attire as well! Haha

Jaclyn and Colin - May 2019



Thank you for following up, everything was great and Chase and Micheal were amazing! They were both very helpful throughout the night giving us advice, promoting the games and helping us during the toonie toss! It was a great night and everyone complemented us on our DJ. The bartenders that work for the hall said our DJ was amazing, I’ll definitely be recommending DJ MasterMix to anyone that asks!!

Hailey & Cam - April 2019



Everything went fine and DJ Matt was great. Thanks for checking in.

Henry and Amye - April 2019



Everything was great!  DJ Mario was super friendly, warm, attentive and easy to work with.  Right away the dance floor kicked off and guests were having a blast ? We really appreciated that he listened to some of our music suggestions and direction and was happy to play or skip a song when asked without question. We decided to do without our connection dance as guests were leaving and we wanted to spend time with them and Mario was great about it. He also reminded me prior to the bouquet toss when to be ready which i appreciated as the night got away from us! He was professional and courteous and we would totally use him/DJ master-mix again in the future!
I was also really happy to see that our first dance was recorded.. that was so nice to re-live and we appreciated that he captured that for us!

Thanks for all of your help and coordination throughout the last few months, you guys have been awesome!

Brooke and Andrew - April 2019


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Thank you very much !! Everything went great.  DJ Grant was a great help with Everything !! We would love to have him be the DJ at our wedding !!
Great  variety  Of music , great at getting the crowd up and going.

Ashley and Albert - March 2019


The event went really well it was a great turn out and most important everyone had a great time ! Music was great and there were a lot of people on the dance floor !

Michelle and Brandon - March 2019


Everything was amazing with DJ JP and DJ Michael as the Emcee!!!  My guests were very happy with the music. Both Canadian and Mexicans were thrilled with the music !!  Thank you on behalf of Jonathan and myself.

Kimberly and Jonathan - Feb 2019


Michael was amazing. Super helpful and professional! He made sure there was music for everyone! He was a part of the planning for the entire day and it would not have been nearly as successful without him!! He was super easy to work with and made the day seamless! Best MC services we have seen!  Thank you for helping make our day so wonderful and for making our daughter feel so comfortable and special!

Alanna and Dan - Feb 2019


I would highly recommend DJ MasterMix! Mike is so knowledgeable and is so patient, during our first phone call - before I had even hired them - he spent half an hour explaining the process, his job, and really everything I didn’t know about music at a wedding!! I hired him the minute he said - the Bride is in charge and the DJ will respect any of their wishes!!! They allow you to use an online portal to organize your day to which you have a final meeting with Mike which he walks you through everything and ensures ever detail is to your liking.
Gord was our DJ for the evening and he went over and above for our wedding. Upon my arrival he politely introduced himself and then explained that he had asked the hall to rearrange the seating in a fashion that made more sense!!!! like WHAT!! How amazing is he!! He showed up early, he met with the officiant, the decorators, the hall staff, and he really helped to co-ordinated the evening! He was constantly checking in to make sure we were happy and to make sure it was ok to move forward with the evening. And he was almost part of the family!! I would highly recommend Gord and Dj Master mix! I also believe they have won awards and have appeared on Four Weddings Canada!!

Jordan and Alex - Feb 2019


Thank you so much for sharing those photos.  We were very happy with absolutely everything on Saturday.  Mike was fantastic – we couldn’t have been happier!
Thank you so much for your amazing work.  Would 100% recommend DJ Mastermix to anyone looking for a DJ.

Julie and Jasper - Jan 2019


I’m usually pretty easy to please in terms of music selection, so I haven’t met many DJs where I wasn’t happy with that part. However, I think Mike stood out for his super friendly style, helping me out with planning before the wedding (he made me feel like he really

knew what he was doing, let me know exactly what he needed from me, and I felt like everything was under control), and his awesome enthusiastic introductions of the wedding party!

Karen and Nicholas - Jan 2019


DJ Michael is wonderful.  He is so great at helping with the crowd, I really appreciated that he organized the game for deciding the order of how the tables would go up for dinner.  The karaoke was great for those who wanted it!  Thank you for another great event.

McDonalds (Michelle) - Dec 2018


A professional and entertaining DJ and MC who we'd be proud to work with for any future events. Our guests loved the music and how the DJ incorporated our cultural and traditional requests into the reception seamlessly. A 10/10 on all counts!

Kayla and Stefan - Dec 2018


Everyone really loved the music played by DJ Grant, he was also very friendly and interacting with our guests well.

Amanda and Rui (SBMB Law) - Dec 2018


Yes everything went very well.  I didn't know that I had a whole bunch of early birds.!!  Great job Mike.. I would definitely recommend DJ MasterMix.
Thank you from both of us

Colette & Kevin - Nov 2018


Everything was great! He arrived and set up on time. Played some nice dinner music while people were eating and sampling drinks and started the dance music on our request. I was very happy with him!  I did warn him about it being a tough crowd to get moving.  But I think overall it was a success. Thanks a bunch!

Melissa - Nov 2018


We enjoyed Saturday night very much.  I believe we had a better dance this year, with a people staying longer on the floor.

Ideal Supply - Nov 2018


Things are going great with us. DJ Michael was amazing! He was very organized, well spoken, wonderful at adapting and suited our personality and needs perfectly. He kept everyone on the dance floor, did a fantastic job as our emcee and kept everything moving smoothly. Alex and I have nothing to say in regards to constructive criticism as everything was perfect! Thanks to you and DJ Michael our big day was a great success and very stress free. I would and will be recommending your services to everyone that is looking for an amazing DJ.

Lauren and Alex - Nov 2018


Yes everything was good. JP was really good.

Audrey and Mike - Nov 2018


Thank you very much for your services. The delegates had a great time at the dance and they very much so enjoyed the music selection.  DJ Gord provided excellent services and he was very helpful when we ran into a sound issue with one of our presentations before the dance.

Kelsey Norris - 4-H Canada - Nov 2018


The music was targeted to the group dynamic.  Our DJ read the crowd and played music accordingly.  Our guest have been giving amazing feedback to the music played.  We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Laura and Scott - Nov 2018



Gord was so much better than other DJ’s I have seen. He had people on the Dance floor all night.  Thank you Micheal and Gord for all your help, it was a fantastic night.

Anne and Dan - Nov 2018


DJ Grant at the wedding was far more interactive, played far better music that suited the crowd, and keep people dancing.  Thank you again for all of your help

Corey and Carolyn - Oct 2018


Everything was excellent as always.  We appreciate your hard work during our event and hope to connect with you next year!

Katie - Oct 2018


Very enjoyable, DJ played everything we wanted and was very easy going with requests, most do not take requests. Came and introduced himself and kept in communication all night.  Great experience! From the consult on the phone to the day of everything was perfect! Matt was very considerate and professional.

Clarisse and Ryan - Oct 2018


Saturday was everything i could have possibly imagined!! DJ JP was fantastic and kept the party going and always made sure things ran when we wanted and he always made sure we were good!! We all had such a fantastic night and i would highly recommend DJ JP!!

Kielee and Brayny - Oct 2018


DJ Micheal did an amazing job at our wedding. Most of our guests are on the shyer side but the dance floor was always full. He played the perfect balance of music and read the crowd very well. We also had a lot of requests and details that DJ Micheal executed perfectly, 10/10 would recommend. We had a great night!

Sam and Mitch - Oct 2018


We were thrilled with Leslies excellent service. Our guests were on the dance floor the whole time!  We recommend both Leslie and you Mike highly and you will definitely be our go-to DJ service for any future events for sure!  Thanks again for your amazing service, personalization and professionalism.
Amanda and Cindy - Oct 2018


DJ Mike was incredible, with timely responses to all our communication leading up to the wedding, and the online forms made preparation feel very organized. Accommodating a face to face meeting prior to the event also made us feel extremely confident about the things we had planned, and we felt there was great balance between Mike being totally engaged with what we wanted, but also willing to provide suggestions when we asked for his input. He went above and beyond, initiating communication with our emcee (my brother in law) to offer his services outside of providing music. DJ Mike was a co-emcee, offering to announce the grand entrance, calling tables for dinner, and facilitating the shoe game which added great fun! Us, and our guests, loved the music all night long - DJ Mike was so organized and the plan from the ceremony right through to the end of the reception was followed flawlessly. At a couple opportune moments while I was taking some down time during the reception, he checked in with me to make sure I was happy with everything. I'd highly recommend DJ Mastermix to anyone for their wedding or other event, and if you're fortunate enough to have DJ Mike, I imagine you'll be as thrilled as we were. Thank you from

Chris and Maddy - Oct 2018


Everything was great!  The DJ was fantastic and many of our guests told us that they really enjoyed the music.  Thanks for everything! It was great working with you. 

Erika and Ryan - Oct 2018

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DJ Leslie was awesome! She kept the party alive and went above and beyond to help with more than just the music/ MCing. I will be highly recommending her and DJ Mastermix! 

Ashley and Chris - Oct 2018


Mike, Scott & I would like to thank you for making sure our special day was amazing. You had everyone out on the dance floor all night long. We have had so many compliments about you DJing, everyone had a blast. We loved that you took the time to check in with us throughout the night to make sure everything was okay. We would also like to thank you for being our emcee for the night, you did a fabulous job. Everything was absolutely phenomenal, best day ever!

I remember from the day we got engaged you were right there helping me whenever I needed you. I’m not much of a planner as you know and you made it super easy for me and answered all of our questions. We would definitely reccomend DJ MasterMix to anyone who is looking for a DJ.

Thank you for everything Mike, I knew with you taking care of everything I had nothing to worry about

Scott and Deanna - Sept 2018


Everything was AMAZING!!! DJ Grant was so good— I couldn’t have imagined a better night! People danced all night long and everyone was a little hurtin the next day!!

Charlotte and Scott - Sept 2018


We Had a wonderful experience. DJ Michael checked in with us both to make sure we were happy and our guests truly enjoyed the music as much as we did.

Hannah and Harrison - Sept 2018


We can say that DJ JP did an excellent job at our wedding. He really did go above and beyond to make sure the dance floor was going all night, and did a great job reading the room making sure the older folks were dancing earlier in the night. Having someone to read the room is what lead us to hiring a DJ, and we're very pleased with the service we got from JP.

Chris & France - Sept 2018


Everything's was absolutely great, no negative feedback, everyone including myself loved Chris and thought he did a great job!

Paige and Mark - Sept 2018


People are still raving about the music! They said it was the best wedding they’ve been to! Eddie & I are so happy that Michael was there for us on our special day! He came highly recommended and We will recommend him highly every chance we get! Thank-you for helping make our day memorable - for helping things flow seamlessly and for just being a solid person! so happy to have made a new friend ?

Jessyka and Eddie - Sept 2018


DJ Gord was amazing!  he played great music all night long and was very attentive to our needs as well as the crowd.  Adam and I both appreciated hi presence at our wedding and would definitely use him again for any future big event.  Thank you for all your cooperation and assistance through this one of a kind time.  We could not have asked for more!  Our wedding day definitely would not have been the same without him.

Jess and Adam - Sept 2018


DJ Ryan was awesome, we loved him!

Jennifer and Joseph - Sept 2018


I have never seen another dj check in on the bride and groom. I really appreciated Mike doing that with us.  I danced all night and had a blast. The music was perfect. A lovely touch was having the song used to walk down the isle was played at the end of the night. It is a song that we both loved and was a perfect way to end the perfect day.

Melissa and Jason - Sept 2018


Awesome job! Lots of comments about how good the music was.  We could not have been more pleased!  Thanks for everything.

Lana and Dave - Sept 2018


Mike and I were very pleased with DJ Mario and DJ MasterMix! We felt like we had lots of support leading up to the wedding and on the day of, DJ Mario was very attentive and kept checking in with us throughout the night. Thank you for everything!

Aimee and Mike - Sept 2018


Michael Roberts did a fantastic job checking in with us (the bride and groom) throughout the night to ensure we were having a good time. He was able to feel the crowd and play music that had everyone dancing. I’ve been to other events where the dance floor was empty and this was not the case with our event.

Michael did not disappoint. We had a good feeling about booking him from the first time we talked on the phone. He took the time to explain everything to us even before we booked with him. He was always willing to answer any questions we had and guided us in the right direction in terms of how to plan the evening. Michael was also very flexible in terms of changing the schedule a bit to work with our photographers and make everything work well.

Patryja and Krzysztof - Sept 2018


We had a wonderful wedding and we so happy with your DJ Grant!  He was professional, extremely helpful and payed close attention to all the little details.  He was a great MC as well!

Amanda and Andrew - Sept 2018


A huge thank you to Ron who did a fantastic job on Saturday night - he had the crowd engaged and on the dance floor all night long!  It was such a pleasure having you DJ at our wedding.

Michelle and James - Sept 2018


DJ Gord did a great job and kept the party going until the very end! We were very happy with your team and would definitely recommend DJ MasterMix to others

Laura and Andrew - Sept 2018


Everything went well on Saturday! We have nothing negative to say! We love how you checked in throughout the night to make sure things were going well. We also liked how you were able to feel the crowd and base your music selection off of that!   We hope you had a good time too and enjoyed your meal! 

We will definitely be recommending you! Thanks again for everything!

Patrycja & Kris - Sept 2018


We truly could not have been happier with Michael and DJ MasterMix's services right from the start! Right off the bat, it was always very quick and easy to get any questions we may of had answered and we really loved the client portal, it was very user friendly and made requesting songs and breaking down timelines of the day super easy for us! Michael was an absolutely fantastic DJ and emcee. His larger than life personality allowed for a very comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Michael was so friendly and really just a pleasure to work. Whether we were running behind schedule or dealing with any minor issues here or there he always reassured us and took care of things right away and made everything run so smoothly from start to finish even when things didn't go exactly according to the planned timeline. He was able to put together the perfect playlist for our wedding, from dinner to dancing everyone really enjoyed the music and was on the dance floor right up until 1am when we had no choice but to shut down!  His knowledge of weddings in general made him a great asset to have for our big day and he continuously checked in with us throughout the night to touch base and ensure that we were both happy with everything. But most importantly his personality made it feel as though an old friend was DJ'ing our wedding and it is something we appreciated very much. We are so happy to have had Michael and DJ MasterMix be such an important part of our special day and we wouldn't of had it any other way! Thank you for absolutely everything ?

Alex and Jake - Sept 2018


Leslie was amazing!  Arrived early to set up and make sure the hall was all set up, called us the week before to ask questions regarding the games and all sorts of other valuable information.
The wedding ran smoothly, games, announcements, music, organized, everything was amazing!  We had no glitches and everything and ran smoothly.
We had an amazing day! Leslie was AMAZING! If we had to do it all again, we would request her! If we requested anything, Leslie was able to accommodate, she went over and beyond being a DJ, she actually lent us a few things to accommodate some things in the hall that we had forgotten. Leslie arrived really early and stayed right up until we locked the doors to the hall!  Couldn’t have had a better wedding day!

Alice and Patricia - Sept 2018


We were both very happy with Mike L. He did a fantastic job and was a complete professional, going above and beyond just managing the music of the ceremony/reception.  All around great job, and would recommend if people ask. 

Samantha and Dylan - Sept 2018


Gord was amazing, he is very professional and lovely person! The whole wedding is quite organized and a lot of fun. I am sure that everyone is loving and enjoying it! Really appreciate the amazing service.

Charity and Alex - Sept 2018


Everything went well on Saturday. The music was great and the people really enjoyed the entertainment.   I would recommend you guys to friend's.  Thank you so much.

Lindsey - Sept 2018


DJ Mario was great! He read the room really well and we had lots of people out in the dance floor.

Danielle and Julian - Sept 2018


Everything went really well, we honestly couldn't be happier with our wedding....not a single complaint. You did a fantastic job and we would be happy and confident to refer you any day.

Amy and Todd - Sept 2018


Michael and Gord, I wanted to reach out and send you both a huge, thank-you.  You have both been such a big part of our day. With having everyone come together, i am proud to say the day was absolutely perfect.   You have made it so easy to make our wish a reality, and for that, we are so grateful.

Jessica and Joshua - Aug 2018


Everything was great with Gord! He went above and beyond for us at the wedding! He let myself and Greg know that he has been doing weddings for a while and if we needed anything else (a part from DJ services) he would be willing to do that for us! He was super helpful, and we are grateful for his presence at our wedding! The music was great, we danced up a storm and as far as I could see everyone was happy with everything! We were having such a good time dancing we decided to skip doing the garter toss and bouquet toss because we didn't want to stop everyone from dancing! We are happy with our choice and Gord double checked with us even after we said it was Okay!

Claire and Greg - Aug 2018


Everything was absolutely perfect! The DJ was so kind, upbeat, and helped us stay on schedule. I would highly recommend DJ MasterMix to anyone!!!!

Kayla and Cody - Aug 2018


Leslie was honestly AMAZING. she helped in so many ways i cant even explain.  she went way beyond a DJ.  My bridal party was in charge of switching a sign and they forgot (i could have killed them)but Leslie had already did it as she noticed it wasn't done and i guess over heard me telling them to do it.  She helped me with my dress bustle as no one could figure it out.  MC wise also amazing. she kept checking in with me throughout the night to make sure everything was ok. She was just fantastic. 

Matt was also really friendly.  everyone loved the photobooth, it was a hit!

Jennifer and Pawel - Aug 2018


We were so happy with DJ Kurtis! Our day was absolutely perfect! We had so many compliments on him and I have made a few referrals for your business! Thank you so much, everything has been phenomenal 🙂  Eric is wondering what music he played during our dinner. We absolutely loved it! It was some sort of slow remix of pop songs lol

Meagan and Eric - Aug 2018


Everything went amazing with the wedding, we had such a fantastic day! DJ Sunny did a great job, put on quite the party. We literally destroyed the dance floor we had rented that night ha. But seriously, lots of compliments from the guests on how great he was!

Hope and Christian - Aug 2018


Everything to do with the music at our wedding was GREAT!  Grant was awesome. He played both the songs that we requested, and played the songs that would keep people on the dance floor. Despite the warm conditions in the venue, there were always people on the dance floor moving, and having fun.  The ceremony set up for the music was great as well. 

We are very happy with the personalization and friendliness of you and your company.

Christine and Ryan - Aug 2018


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The online request system works, but could use an update to be a bit more user friendly. Otherwise, we enjoyed working with DJ MasterMix and we were very happy with the service we received!

Marianne and Ambrose - Aug 2018



DJ Leslie did a great job playing music that got people up and dancing. The generation dance went over well. We had a good phone chat before the wedding.

Denise and Danielle - Aug 2018



DJ Isaac was amazing! The music during the ceremony and dinner were beautiful and we got lots of compliments on his choices. He was great with the crowd and kept everyone dancing all night long. He was very good at including all song requests and mixing up genres

Mitchell and Kalli - July 2018



Our wedding was absolutely amazing! DJ Mike was so kind and kept everything on track throughout the night. Our guests loved his energy, as did we!  If there is a formal space for us to write a raving review we would love to do that!

Alex and Melissa - July 2018



From beginning to end everything was perfect. DJ Michael was a pleasure to work with - great communication, very accommodating to last minute changes and helpful in all aspects of the day, even pictures! He kept the evening organized and flowing smoothly, and did a great job leading the night as our emcee. I knew he was the guy for the job and he did not disappoint. 

Kim and Mike - July 2018



DJ J.P. was amazing. Ryan and I were very impressed with his kindness and professionalism. We received many great compliments from our guests. I don't think I stopped dancing all night!!

Thank you to you as well, for taking the time to get to know us via telephone and making sure our special day was everything we envisioned and more.

Alana and Ryan - July 2018



Things are well, Had sooo much fun! Danced the night away! Jason was amazing!  We loved him!  Mike and I would like to thank you for DJ Mastermix being part of our amazing night!

Mike and Lisa - July 2018



Dj Matt did great ! both Tyler and I were very happy with him .   Matt was super nice and helpful even with the few last min changes .

Tyler and Christie - July 2018



DJ Leslie was phenomenal and worked SO hard to make sure everything was perfect! She made everything so personalized and our guests raved about her.

Karley and Brendan - July 2018



We had an absolutely amazing time on Sat! The pics say it all, I never thought I would see so many shirtless men on the dance floor lol. I have nothing but positive feedback. All the guests were saying it’s the best wedding they have ever been to! I’m so happy you were our DJ!  Thanks again for making our special day unforgettable!!!

Lindsay and Ian - July 2018



Thank you so much for helping with our wedding! All of the music was perfect, and everyone had so much fun! We really appreciate all of the work you put in, and working through the ridiculous heat!

Xue and Patrick - July 2018



Michael was absolutely amazing! He was so easy to work with leading up to the wedding. He played a lot of Beyonce and Tragically Hip knowing that's what Kyle and I love, and most importantly he read the crowd so well. There was not a single point in the night where the dance floor wasn't busy. He was flexible with timings and  would always politely ask if we were ready for the next event of the evening.

Julie and Kyle - July 2018



First off, Cameron and I would like to thank you and your team for all the work put towards us for our wedding. You guys were amazing, and very professional. Either it being answering emails, or meeting in person- we thank you!

Secondly, DJ Grant was beyond amazing! He was very professional, and friendly.  Their wasn’t a time where someone wasn’t on the dance floor. (He even brought our non dancers up!)  The only negative I have was when he played our closing song and the night had to end!

I heard many great things through out the evening about him, and the music. The top comments I heard were how friendly he was, how he played all requests, and how great the music was.

We are thrilled with the service that you and Grant have provided and we thank you both hugely!  We believe that music is one thing people remember at a wedding- and I can happily say I don’t think they will forget :)!

Ashley and Cameron - June 2018



I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed having you DJ and MC at our wedding. You did a fantastic job. Music and dancing were a concern to me and it took us a long time to find the right DJ. I ended up choosing to use your services because I felt from our first meeting you "got" what my concerns were l. I had mentioned that my fiancé's family is more reserved and that many of our friends and family aren't dancers. I knew many would either leave early or likely not dance but I still wanted them to enjoy the evening. I also mentioned that I love music and that for me, a lot of my memories are tied to music (as in a song will evoke a memory) so it was important to me. You had reassured me that you would make the music work, no matter what happened, that even if people don't dance you know you're playing the right stuff when they're singing along or moving to the music in their chairs. During the ceremony and reception you played a great mix of songs that appealed to our guests of all ages. Later when it was mostly my family, and friends remaining you hit us with all our favourites from the 90's. In the end everyone had a great time and I think the music was perfect. I have nothing but good things to say about your services and professionalism.
Thanks so much!!

Laura and Jaakko Koskinen - June 2018



We had a great experience with Mike L. He was flexible and was able to accommodate some unexpected delays and changes to the plan on the wedding day. We were happy with our experience!

Maria and Justin - June 2018


We just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for everything this weekend. You were wonderful, and so much help. You truly went above and beyond to help us have the perfect day. Your expertise was greatly appreciated, and we couldn’t possibly thank you enough.

Kaitlyn and Cameron - June 2018



DJ Ryan was great. The dance floor was always full and a really fun time was had by all.   I will be sure to recommend your company to others.

Jessica and Luke - June 2018



OMG Mike, I cannot thank you and DJ Grant enough!!

Things could not have gone more perfect, we are so beyond happy with how everything went! The music was spectacular, you and Grant have been incredibly professional, kind and patient! Our guests had an amazing time, the dance floor was bumping (I busted my dress zipper dancing with my friends, no regrets!)

Christine and Tim - June 2018



Dj Mike L was awesome and made sure the dance floor never went empty! Even the lights looked spectacular and were well placed. Our wedding went so perfectly and was absolutely amazing in every way. We recieved countless compliments on dj Mike's music selections and many people told us it was the best wedding they have been to in years while others said it was the best over all. For us it was perfect and we couldn't be happier.  Thank you again for helping to make our dream wedding come true!

Jess and Joe - June 2018



Everything was great, couldn't have asked for a better DJ/MC!! 

We really appreciated you Mike walking us through the wedding planning document to run through all the event details.  Having you there on the wedding day really helped us to put our minds at ease. Our families and guests were complimenting non-stop on your music taste.

I am definitely recommending you to more brides on social media and in real life.

Wish you the best success in your business cause you deserve it!!

Alice & Tony - June 2018



The party went great last night, grant did a fantastic job, and the kids had lots of fun!

Lori - June 2018



Everything was excellent with DJ Gord. Everyone had a good time. The music was great. Thanks so much again!

Andrea - June 2018



DJ Matt was awesome, keep the music upbeat and checked in with Zach and I throughout the night to ensure we were satisfied. No complaints here, would definitely recommend !!   Thank you guys for making our night awesome and memorable!

Nicole and Zach - June 2018



Saturday was amazing! Gord did such a fantastic job and everyone was raving about him! He was so professional and fun and the music he played was perfect for our Jack and Jill! He knew how to pump up our crowd and how to get everyone involved! 

Also, I'm sure he will tell you all about the "ass slap shot game too"! Haha 

Jaymee and Jodi - May 2018



Yup everything went really well and we had a great time! We didn't have any concerns. Grant checked in with us frequently which kept us at ease. 

Thanks for everything
Danielle and Dustin - May 2018



Michael was a pleasure to work with the entire time. We were a complicated group, with my husband's family being Armenian and Arabic, and mine Canadian, we wanted a mix of many cultures' music and he was able to blend them all together lovely.   I was able to give him some songs on a USB that my Mother in law wanted, and he played them great! A few guests went up to him with Armenian requests at the hall, and he handled it calmly with professionalism. (I am sorry if any Armenian guests seemed rude, they are just very passionate people!)  Michael also allowed us to fill in song requests on the website ahead of time, and I heard so many of the songs I suggested, which was fantastic. We loved his mix (with tons of our requests) during cocktail hour and dinner time!  Shant and I had a wonderful time and danced a lot! Everyone seemed to love it, and we enjoyed it very much. We also appreciated Michael being our MC and he did a great job at that also. 

Shant and Laura - May 2018



Michael was incredibly professional and was able to gauge the crowd. I went to a wedding the year before and the music only really appealed to the younger crowd. Michael was able to get everyone up on the dance floor and provided a selection of music that really brought together the night.

Steph and Maciej - May 2018



DJ MIKE WAS OFF THE CHAIN! - We couldn't have asked for a better DJ. We are Very happy with our decision to use DJ MasterMix. Michael is truly a master, has exceptional skill in steering the vibe of the crowd. Highly recommended. 

Richard & Krystyna - May 2018


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We were MORE THAN blown away with the services you provided for us for our wedding! You have a true skill 🙂  We had a ton of our guests compliment us on how amazing you were and how much fun they had at our wedding, thanks to you! 

Melissa and Jim - May 2018



Michael was amazing! Everything went so well and he was a great MC ?

Michelle and Kyle - May 2018



The buck & doe was wonderful and we were very happy with our DJ services. The additional help and experience really made everything flow a lot smoother. Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Kaitlyn and Cameron - April 2018



Thank you so much for such a great night. Well organized and kept us on schedule. We really appreciated all of your hard work and commitment leading up to the wedding and day of.

Giovanna and John - April 2018



We were very happy! The volume was perfect; the group really wasn't a dancing crowd so the music was good for most people as they didn't have to yell over the music. The music choices were good, Grant was excellent on the microphone and was very helpful!

Kayla and Cody - March 2018



Things went GREAT and he did an amazing job! Everyone commented on how they loved the mix of music and everyone had a great time. Looking forward to the wedding!

Jessica - March 2018



We had an incredible night and a lot of the credit for that can be given to Michael. He was always available and checked in on us frequently before the event and during. He always made sure to see how things were going, if we needed any changes to the music or how we were liking it. He offered suggestions when needed always in an a professional and cooperative way. Our guests where on the dance floor all night, he even got the ones that usually don’t dance up there. I would definitely recommend Michael and his company for any future events. Thank you for making my being good at what you do, and making my special night perfect.

Jessica and Alex - March 2018



DJ Matthew was very professional and got the guests up and dancing. Very polite and courteous to all guests. Very pleased with the services!

Milena - Feb 2018



Thanks again for the awesome job today!! The kids had an amazing time:)

Caroline - FallingbrookPublic School - Feb 2018



DJ MasterMix was more professional, able to read the crowd, extremely helpful with running games for the buck and doe.   Thank you Mike/Mario for an amazing night full of dancing. Mike was great at MCing for our games, raffles and 50/50. We have received a lot of feedback from our guests saying they loved our DJ.  DJ MasterMix was super professional, extremely organized and genuinely great people. We cannot wait for Mike to MC/DJ at our wedding.

Scott and Deanna - Feb 2018



Michael showed up to the wedding in the attire requested and had a good attitude.  Poor guy had a bad cold yet still showed up and did a great job. Guests didn’t even know he was sick.  He went above and beyond what we had expected and we were very pleased. We recommend DJ MasterMix whenever we can and I cannot wait to one day use their services again.  Michael of DJ MasterMix was a far better DJ than I have seen before. We really were blown away by his services.

Rob and Kayleigh - Feb 2018



I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank DJ MasterMix (Michael) for the outstanding job he performed last Friday night at Night to Shine, held at Emmanuel Baptist Church. This evening was for a prom night for people with special needs. Not only did DJ MasterMix play music that catered perfectly to the crowd, but he came early, was incredibly accommodating in setting up in a different spot than we initially intended, but he volunteered his time and equipment for this charitable event. We were blown away with his professionalism, his kindness towards the 96 guests and the over one hundred volunteers. DJ MasterMix took requests graciously and was incredibly personable.

We were all so pleased with the job he performed, that we would love to have him back next year for the same event - there is nothing he could have done to improve his efforts on the night.
Thank you so much to DJ MasterMix - Michael - for a great evening. Your involvement made the evening an absolute success!

Brad Young - Feb 2018



DJ MasterMix did an amazing  job, I have seen numerous DJs perform at many wedding and some were amazing and others not so great but DJ MasterMix definitely is at the top!  I absolutely loved how attentive Mike from DJ MasterMix was to our wishes. Always checking in on us and making sure we were happy! The music was absolutely amazing, I didn’t want to get off the dance floor.

Nathan and Ashleigh - Jan 2018



We just want to say thank you! Our wedding was wonderful and you were a large part of that. Our guests consistently told us how impressed they were with your services.

Sorry for the delayed response. We were in Mexico for our honeymoon and have been catching up with life now that we are back.

Once again, thank you for everything!

Brittany & Kyle - Jan 2018



Mike and DJ MasterMix were the perfect choice for my wedding.  He was knowledgeable, friendly and very professional

Jeff and Leann - Jan 2018



Mike was superior to any DJ either of us have ever seen at an event.  Mike, you provided the perfect soundtrack to the best day of our lives. From friends to relatives, old and young, you had our guests dancing the entire night, while still honouring the requests made by guests as well as us. Thank you so much for making our day amazing!

Matt and Heather - Dec 2017



Very helpful, easy going and reliable 

Alannah (Cranberry Village) - Dec 2017



Grant was amazing and having him DJ improved our party significantly from last year!  So very impressed.  We will be reaching out to you next year for our Christmas party and, hopefully, Grant can come back!

Sarah - Dec 2017



When I started planning our wedding, I knew music was important to me but I was overwhelmed with the number of DJs available and underwhelmed with the contact and first impressions of most.

When I was recommended to you that changed, I was impressed by your attention to detail, your understanding of my needs and wants and your energy. Even during the planning process, you were quick to respond to our emails and willing to meet me at my convenience. Thank you for having all the wedding music elements laid out for us, although first it was over whelming, it allowed us to have a clear understanding of our wedding day. On the day of you were prompt, enthusiastic, communicative and ready to help us celebrate. We can't thank you enough for all your attention to detail, hard work and good feeling vibes that were created on the dance floor that night.

Wesley and I would highly recommend Mike and DJ MasterMix to family and friends.

Thank you for making our special day full of good vibes. 

Melissa & Wesley Stratton - Nov 2017



The day was fantastic! DJ Issac did an amazing job. As guests mentioned, he didn't just play music he actually dj'd making the music flow! There wasn't a down moment. I hope he had as much fun as we did!

Thank you for supplying superb services!

Bobbie-Jo and Jason - Oct 2017



DJ Matt was great, he was on site and set up early and the set-up of the equipment was well placed and organized. He was easy to work with and very understanding when we had to make a few itinerary changes.

Our guests were on the dance floor all night an we had several comments on how much people were dancing and having a good time (which I chalk up to a good DJ, who keeps the right music playing).

I will definitely recommend DJ MasterMix to anyone I know who needs DJ service

Kristin and Wayne - Oct 2017



Ceremony service was excellent, Kissing Wheel was a hit, From meetings to day of Top Notch service.  The DJ felt the crowd out and had a packed dance floor.

Laura and Graham - Oct 2017



Kurtis was an amazing DJ, he read the room very well and got people out of their seats and onto the dance floor. To be honest I was surprised at how much people were dancing, I wasn't sure what was going to happen. He was also a very awesome MC and helped guide us to where we needed to be.

I would suggest going DJ MasterMix to any of my friends who are doing events in the future.

Thank you so much.

Amanda and Kyle - Oct 2017



Mario was great!  He checked in with us frequently, and played a lot of the songs on our playlist.  Everyone had a great time on the dance floor!

Mandy and Corey - Oct 2017



Leslie was absolutely amazing. People were dancing right up until the music stopped and everyone was giving compliments on the music being played (they came up to me and my dad told me multiple people approached him to compliment the music). Leslie was super easy to work with and such a professional. She called me the Friday before to touch base on some stuff which definitely made me feel better about how things would go. She was super likeable as well and we couldn’t have been happier.  I have a couple friends getting married next year and you can bet I’ll be passing along your contact to them.

Corinna and Derek - Oct 2017



Everything was perfect ! Thank you so much Michael and Kurtis!!!

Erin and Dawson - Oct 2017



You guys rock! No equipment malfunctions, great segue between songs - flawless.   Will definitely be recommending you to any friends or family who need a DJ!

Brittany and Scott - Oct 2017



It was the best I have ever seen, most of the comments we have received surrounded how awesome and fun our wedding was, and that was directly related to DJ MasterMix and how entertained he kept everyone throughout the night.  Our DJ Mike was Phenomenal!!  We had the time of out life's and Mike  assisted to make it happen.  Anything we asked of him he was able to do and it turned out better then we thought it would.  Thanks Mike for helping make out day so Special.

Leo and Cass - Oct 2017



DJ Anthony was fantastic.  Enthusiastic but not overbearing.  He spoke well and made sure to check with us when a couple our guest made odd song requests.  Great Personality

Alicia and Ghislain - Sept 2017



Everything was excellent with the DJ Mario! He kept checking in with us to see when we wanted to do things.  Not too much of my family were up dancing, which I expected but the ones that were dancing really enjoyed themselves!

Ashley and Daniel - Sept 2017



Everything went well with DJ Kurtis! The music that we wanted to be played was and things ran pretty smoothly. 

Thank you for the services!

Cassandra and Robert - Sept 2017



Just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for the amazing service you guys provided. You were so helpful in getting us organized prior to the day and DJ Adam on Saturday was so friendly and great! It all went smoothly and we had a ton of fun! The dance floor was full the entire night ?

Thanks again!

Jocelyn & Frank - Sept 2017



DJ Anthony was fantastic!! Our guests were up dancing all night and he kindly played a few Greek songs which were a big hit as well ? He was super friendly, very professional and I would highly recommend him and your company to anyone that I know (I have already verbally recommended you guys to other brides).

Brittany and Alex - Sept 2017



DJ Mario was great! He kept the party rocking all night long even when the cold hit! He also came up to me and asked when I wanted to have our connection song played Or whenever I was ready and he announced when buses were there!

He also had two set ups which was great because he could read the crowd instead of being stuck in the tent...and the microphone for the  ceremony worked great on my husband... and he came prepared for the cold with a jacket!

Thank you,

Kassandra and Matt - Sept 2017



Everything was great!  Thank you again, DJ Gord was very helpful.

Beth and Carson - Sept 2017



Everything was fantastic, Leslie was amazing.  She checked in with us a couple days before the wedding, and also throughout the night.  She had suggestions for us that I think made things run smoother.  Almost like another coordinator!  She took requests all night, and actually played one of my brothers bands songs!  It was a fantastic day and an even better party thanks to Leslie.

I can't thank you both enough for everything. It was a perfect day.

Samantha and Tyrell - Sept 2017



DJ Grant was so great, you guys definitely exceeded our expectations. Even Brian and I were dancing (even though we said we wouldn't) lol. We had so many guests complimenting the music / dj. Everything was perfect and we will definitely be recommending you guys! 🙂 

Katlynn and Brian - Sept 2017



Gord was really professional, friendly and did a great job as an MC. Leah and I were happy with him.

Leah and Rick - Sept 2017



I found that Kurtis was great at keeping the crowd up and dancing, was extremely great with announcing when we were going to do the big events... especially when we had to change when we were going to do the cake cutting due to my aunt's health and I wanted her to be there to see it as she was the one who made our wedding cake for us.  I cannot say enough good things about Kurtis! He was great. Even from coming out before the grand entrance to introduce himself to Rob and I, making sure we were all in the right order.... it was great!! I would use DJ MasterMix again in a heartbeat and I will continue to recommend them to others in the future who may need a DJ!

Bobbie-Jo & Rob - Sept 2017



Thank you DJ Mario - This was the best wedding dance floor of any wedding I’ve attended (which were 10+ over the last few years).

Maggie and Matt - Sept 2017



On behalf of Melissa and I we wanted to thank you and especially Anthony for the amazing job he did. He was professional and everything went perfectly. All of the songs we had requested were played and he built upon that list and had an excellent mix. The staff and guests alike were all commenting on how great the music was.

Adam and Melissa - Sept 2017


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Leslie was amazing! She did everything she could to accommodate our requests all night. The song choices were amazing and we had such a great night!

Holly and Joseph - Sept 2017



Anthony and Mike were very professional and thorough. They did everything they could to ensure things were done how we wanted and to the best of their ability. They catered to us and our crowd wonderfully, and kept an upbeat happy personality. They offered great suggestions and kept us on task and on schedule prior to and the day of the wedding.

Ashley and Adam - Sept 2017



You actually played songs the guests requested!  We had a fairly decent delay due to the grooms parents being late – the DJ was amazing, coming up to me before we made our grand entrance to go over the revised time line and see if there was anything we wanted to remove or change times for.

Melissa and Stefan - Aug 2017



Michael Roberts of DJ MasterMix was professional, enthusiastic, and fun! Not only was he able to get our guests up and dancing all night long, he was consistently checking in with me. I would have forgotten about the bouquet toss, but Michael being organized and time-conscious was there to remind me. Michael also had our guests cheering and laughing for the dinner trivia. The music selection was fantastic, and he played all of our songs on time. Overall, I would absolutely recommend Michael Roberts of DJ MasterMix!

Samantha and Thomas - Aug 2017



Matt did a fantastic job! I've never seen so many people in my family up and dancing (especially Patrick haha), he knew exactly what to play to keep the party going up until the end. Matt was very easy going and was able to go with the flow with minor changes as the night went on. We are very satisfied with the services that we received and you guys will come highly recommended from us.

Megan and Patrick - Aug 2017



The wedding was great, and Leslie was fantastic! She had some great ideas too. 🙂  Please pass on to her that the people that caught our bouquets were both gay (girl and guy). So non traditionally perfect ? Thanks a million,

Amber and Lacey - Aug 2017



People were dancing all night and many guests commented on how good the DJ was.   Tim made time to introduce himself to all members of the wedding party and parents and we were extremely happy

Kevin and Corinna - Aug 2017



Anthony and your services were very helpful, considerate (always checking in with myself as the bride) to make sure everything was going as planned, etc. You were very informative in the pre-DJ Service Conversation and always had an open door for questions before the event date. Anthony also always had an open door for any questions that were asked or if we needed anything during our event; he didn’t shrug us off at any point in time; he was very helpful.  Anthony also took the time out of his busy night to spend the time with our Jr. Groomsman showing him his equipment and letting him be a DJ for a couple minutes. He really enjoyed this! I will get a picture and try and send it to you! The sound quality was perfect.. not too loud how other DJ’s in the past have had; we were still able to talk to people and be able to hear what they were saying rather than shouting at each other.
Your services are Fantastic and will keep you guys in mind for future events if we need a DJ!

Adam and Julia - Aug 2017



Michael was amazing. Always checking in throughout the night and just not about the music just with everything in general. Everyone had an amazing time and was up dance. So many people told us it was one of the best times they have had in a long time.  There were always people on the dance floor

Ashley and Michael - Aug 2017



DJ Anthony was!  He was Fun, lively and very attentive: when the dance floor was getting empty, he would switch up the song and get our guest back out there!  All our friends and family couldn't stop saying how great the music was!

Scott and Emma - June 2017



Steve and I wanted to thank you again so much for being the DJ at our wedding. It was truly everything we wanted and the song selections definitely got the guests up and dancing!

Each song was played at the perfect moments and it truly captured how we envisioned our day going. Thank you so much.

Steve and Sarah - May 2017



Played what the crowd responded to, not on a set playlist.  Michael did a great job!! We received a lot of compliments and the venue loved him. 

Scott and Cindy - May 2017



Mike actually listened to my requests and didn’t just play whatever he wanted – very approachable and friendly compared to DJs I’ve seen in the past.  Mike was an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to working together again for the 2018 Orangeville-Dufferin MS Walk

Jessica - MS Walk 2017 Orangeville-Dufferin - May 2017



Anthony was awesome, very professional as I requested. He played everything I planned and I was very happy and we received many compliments about Anthony.
Thanks you for all of your help and planning.

Brenda and Bill - May 2017



I cant say thank you enough, DJ Grant was amazing. We had way to much fun. I will tell everyone to hire your company and ill write as many great reviews I can.  Personally Michael, Thank you very much for all you did and working with me.  The whole thing was perfect and your right the DJ does make the event. 100% important. It would have bombed other wise. I danced to the end

Laura & Emanuel - April 2017



DJ Mario was great!  He met with us briefly before we entered the reception hall to confirm entry music & a quick run down of music we requested & when to play it (confirming that nothing changed). I thought this was great because you never know of anything changed last minute.

Throughout the night we were able to let him know of minor changes (fade out the song). I would definitely recommend him for sure! He had everyone up and dancing, even me
? The music was great. No complaints about the music from us.

Karla & Allan - April 2017



Mike was fantastic at our buck and doe from helping us price our games to running the toonie toss and of course fantastic music that got our guests dancing. His goal was to help us have a successful event and thanks to him we did! Would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a DJ.

Jess and Michael - April 2017



Very professional, punctual, and amazing set up.  Thanks again Mike for everything.

Matt and Megan - March 2017



The wedding was Awesome, and Anthony was just as awesome! The music was excellent, no complaints!

Ben and Jessica - Feb 2017



Mike was fantastic and very engaging during the dance.  The students had a lot of fun.  Thank you for a great event Mike!

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys - Natercia - Feb 2017



DJ MasterMix was fantastic to work with! From day one, I never had to worry about anything. I was able to meet with them and discuss my needs and they were super helpful in aiding me with resources and suggestions and extremely flexible throughout, and even with last minute day of changes.
The music was GREAT and everyone had a fantastic time!

Erin and James - Jan 2017



Mike, you were fantastic! i loved your outfit and your professionalism. You made me feel so important and I loved how you'd check in with me from time to time to make sure everything was going well. The room to our venue was 'L' shaped and i really appreciated how you set up a little extra speaker so that people could hear in the corner of the room. I couldn’t have had a better DJ! Thank you so much.

Michael and Lianne - Dec 2016



DJ was terrific. He was friendly and accommodating. Any music we requested was played in great sequence.  We had an interesting crowd and Mario did everything he could to get the dance floor going.

Emelie - Holiday Christmas Party - Dec 2016



Choosing a DJ for our Christmas party is always hard. We have such a diverse group of employees in terms of ages and cultural backgrounds, so its hard to find that right mix to make people happy. Overall, it was a great night. Michael was very interactive with guests and provided a trivia game to decide which tables would go to the buffett line - this received great reviews from people. Interactivity was definitely something lacking from previous DJs. The music mix seemed to get people up dancing - quite a few of our guests traditionally leave after dinner, and with the expected storm that evening, people left when they could. The use of requests via the cards on the table, and through text was a neat touch! Michael was engaging and interactive, and didn't just stay hidden behind the equipment! Overall, on behalf of our event, I was pleased!

Lynn (Saint Elizabeth Healthcare) - Dec 2016



Lesley had Great energy, good music, kept guests dancing!

Jessica and Neil - Dec 2016



Everyone absolutely loved the music and had a blast dancing.  We did have a lot of complaints about sore body parts on Monday.  I take that as a success because they danced their butts off.  We did not have people leave the dance floor till the very end compared to the last DJ where everyone left an hour before the party was supposed to end.

Fawn - Pattison Signs - Dec 2016



The guests loved that they could text in song requests and that the requests got played.  They were good at keeping those who wanted to dance up and dancing all night. 

Julie - Town of Innisfil - Nov 2016



DJ Matt did a great job.  He seemed to really read the crowd and keep playing the music that made people dance. They struck the perfect balance between top hits and country

Rachael (4-H Canada) - Nov 2016



DJ Mike was courteous and just fantastic!! I’m so glad I booked through DJ MasterMix, worth every single penny!! I would highly recommend this service to anyone!! You can tell Mike truly cares about his business.

Marnie and Steve - Nov 2016



Everything was great! Right off the bat I told Michael I wanted a party atmosphere and everyone up on the Dancefloor and that’s exactly what we got! It was a great party and our guests had an amazing time!  I have seen other DJs who were not as upbeat or involved in the night.  DJ Anthony was enthusiastic and looked like he was enjoying himself!

Mike and Andria - Nov 2016



From the day we met Michael at DJ MasterMix to the end of our wedding day, we were more than thrilled with everything he did for us to make our day the most perfect day ever!! I honestly don't think our wedding would have been as perfect without him. He did so much to make sure us and the kids were all organized and knew what to do. Our ceremony was outside and the sound was great. The guests all had a great time and it was nice to see both the kids and adults having an awesome time on the dance floor... I just can't say enough good things about him and his team.

Sondra and Ro - Nov 2016



DJ MasterMix made our wedding fantastic - he was really willing to work with me and my fiance on our requirements (which included things like no Coldplay, no matter how much the groomsmen beg you) and helped me hand craft the perfect playlist. He was a gem to work with and I would highly recommend him.

Matt and Amalia - Oct 2016



The night was amazing, and everything went perfectly! Leslie was great I honestly have no complaints at all.  I was very happy with the experience so thanks for everything your company did I really appreciate it! It was easy, ran smoothly, and overall an awesome experience and that’s exactly what you hope for at your wedding ?

Kyle and Candice - Oct 2016


Thank you again so very very much for all of your hard work on our wedding day, and leading up to it. You were an incredible DJ and Emcee and we would certainly recommend you and DJ MasterMix in a heartbeat!!

Andy & Katie - Oct 2016


Very happy with how the night went! Our guests were asking about you and everyone had a great time! Thanks for helping make our day so perfect!  You played exactly what everyone wanted to hear, not just a playlist.

Darcy and Elyse - Oct 2016



Mike at DJ MasterMix exceeded all of our expectations and helped made our wedding day a perfect one. From our initial phone call and all the planning leading up to the big day, Mike was professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Mike's interest and commitment to his profession was demonstrated with every encounter and even more so on the wedding day. DJ MasterMix has a wide variety of music and even created a special bilingual mix of music for our first dance. The use of the DJ's equipment was helpful during our ceremony and the music played seamlessly through ceremony, cocktails, reception and dancing. Mike kept the dance floor alive and all of our guests loved the variety of tunes that he played, gearing towards all ages and paces of songs. The interactive planing platform DJ MasterMix uses is user friendly, and incredibly helpful- having detailed or more free spirited brides ensure all areas are met to your expectations. DJ MasterMix was very quick to respond to all our inquires and emails were responded in a beyond timely manner. I would highly recommend DJ MasterMix to anyone needing professional music (DJ) services for their event.

Felix and Angela - Oct 2016



Anthony was amazing! I really liked that he kept checking with me throughout the night. He genuinely cared about our experience!

Miranda and Rob - Sept 2016



DJ Michael Roberts of DJ MasterMix created an incredible atmosphere at our wedding. He embodied professionalism, creativity and passion for his craft throughout our event and the months of planning beforehand. Michael responded to every email and question within hours and met every expectation we had and more. His planning worksheets were a true life saver and were far more thorough than other planning resources available online. We could not have been more thrilled with the service he provided. He took our ideas and ran with them, allowing us to put our feet up and enjoy our guests and our special day. We have had nothing but complements about the music he chose for dancing, his amazing personality and the kindness that he showed to our family and friends. We even had a few people who NEVER dance get up and participate. It was a perfect and magical day!!! Thank you, Michael!

Sarah and Michael - Sept 2016



From the moment I first talked with Michael Roberts of DJ MasterMix on the phone I was pleased. He took the time to explain everything someone required to know about hiring a DJ. I had my reservations (regarding price) but as time went on and more communication took place, those reservations disappeared and in the end we were absolutely beyond satisfied with the service provided and was worth every penny. From meeting with Michael before the wedding, the online log in which gives you easy control of requests and other details, to DJ Tim coming up to both of us through out the night at the wedding and double checking everything was going perfectly, we were both absolutely pleased and our wedding day was perfect. DJ Tim did a wonderful job with music and volume during the ceremony, had everyone dancing up a storm all night long, played all our guests requests and worked wonderfully with my brother the emcee all through the night. Thank you DJ MasterMix for a job well done and we will highly recommend you to everyone we can.

Melissa and Kirk - Sept 2016



Fantastic service! No complaints whatsoever and would definitely hire DJ MasterMix again. Anthony was wonderful even though he had a tough crowd!

Jonathan and Zara - Sept 2016



DJ MasterMix brought a ton of enthusiasm.  Everyone, from my boss (retirement age) down to our friends (in their 20s) loved the music selection and had a blast; music selection and timing was spot on. Also we really did appreciate how often the DJ checked in with us throughout the event to make sure everything was to our satisfaction.  

Adam and Jessica - Sept 2016



Such a great experience from start to finish! DJ MasterMix was so helpful and friendly. Great response time When answering any and all questions. I highly recommend DJ MasterMix!

Aimee and Paul - Aug 2016


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Justin was excellent.  He was right on time and suitably dressed.  Very Professional Attitude, hopefully he enjoyed himself as much as we did !!

Maryellen - Aug 2016



Everything was spectacular.  I have seen many other DJs who were not good.  Tim could teach them a thing or two.  Thank you

David and Angela - Aug 2016



Absolutely wonderful DJ service. Professional and guest had a wonderful time! Working with Michael through the entire wedding planning process was fun and assuring.   As a DJ Ron went above and beyond his duties by

- teaching Emcees how to use the mic.
-  worked hard to coordinate speeches and meal courses
- stayed on schedule
- interacted with guests in a positive way
- on top of water spills to minimize falls
- friendly and professional
-  played brides favorite song for her birthday celebration!

Katy and Matt - Aug 2016



Everything from the planning to the Emcee to the event of music for the day, was beyond amazing.

Aislynn and Rob - Aug 2016



Michael was great!  All the music we requested was played and our guests were dancing all night long.  I even had comments from my guests saying they thought we had a pianist booked for the ceremony as the sound was so crisp and clear.  Not only was the music great but he was very good us on schedule as well. 

Tim and Kerri - July 2016



Michael was way better then any DJ I have seen!!! Great music! Very outgoing and great with the group.

Raquel and Ryan - July 2016



"We are so happy that we used DJ Mastermix at our wedding! They were so supportive and their online wedding planner was an amazing tool that really came in handy during the planning process. Anthony was so flexible and was able to roll with the punches when a few last-minute changes happened, and we really appreciated it! The music was great and we had people up and dancing pretty much the whole time. The fact that they found a few little-known songs for us to dance to was awesome! Thanks so much, DJ Mastermix!!"

Megan and Mitchell - July 2016



Overall Justin’s performance was much better then DJs I have seen,  with better music suited for the crowd.  I was very pleased with our DJ from ceremony straight through to the reception.  We have had countless people tell us how memorable the night was and Justin was a huge part of that.  Thank you !!

Kaley and Erin - June 2016



Anthony compared very well against any other DJ's I have seen. I have been to weddings where the DJ has almost ruined the evening with the type of music they played. Anthony did extremely well, kept us up and dancing all night.

Scott and Jody - June 2016



DJ MasterMix was exactly what we were looking for in a DJ, they provided good ideas to help the evening flow in a fun manner. 

John and Nicole - June 2016



Michael was a great addition to our special day.  He was very kind and helpful leading up to the day.  I trusted him, therefore it took a lot of stress off of me.  This was way better than the previous DJ I saw at my friends wedding. My DJ got all my songs right.

Jacklyn and Steve - June 2016



We have nothing but great things to say about Justin and our experience with your company. Day/night of Justin was very professional, courteous and helpful. Mike you have been very easy and pleasant to deal with, so thank you for making our lives a little easier.

Michael and Andrea - June 2016



Michael did a great job, best Wedding DJ I have seen

Rob and Theresa - June 2016



I am amazed at the quality of service for the price. Will most definitely be calling you again. I have already referred you to other engaged couples.

Clinton and Krystina - May 2016



We had so many comments on how great our DJ was.  DJ MasterMix was the best I have seen.

Ashley and Randy - April 2016



So glad we booked him for this event. It was a night to remember a special sweet 16 Great Gatsby event. I couldn’t of asked for more!  I have never been more pleased with the communication and direction from DJ MasterMix.  I have booked MANY DJ's which none were as helpful and I have had a no show also. 

Lyne Davis - April 2016



Anthony was extremely good. Took what we said in our pre event meeting and ran with it, Ran everything well without issues.

Scott and Jody - April 2016



Teresa was fantastic! She was very friendly and enthusiastic! Everyone loved her

Shaunna and Dan - April 2016



We really appreciated the willingness to help make sure the night was as smooth as possible.  Overall couldn't of had a better DJ.  Great Enthusiasm and went  above and beyond expectations.

Blake and Nicole Helka - Feb 2015



We were very happy with Anthony!  DJ's are all different, I enjoyed Anthony's music choices, more than past DJ's

Candice Cole - Pearl Decor & Events (Cookstown Chamber of Commerce) - Feb 2016



Thank you again for providing such great services.  Many people came to me Sunday, and said how fantastic of a job you guys did!

We really appreciate all your help you provided us with on Saturday night.  Especially that Toonie toss, you guys were great! The music through out the night was also fantastic.  A very big thank you again!!!

Candice and Kyle - Jan 2016



Mike knows how to read a Crowd, Nothing else to say other then he's the best

Anthony and Danielle - Jan 2016



We had a great time, DJ Matthew did a great job filling in at the last minute, both Vanessa and myself are very happy with his performance.  There was a huge amount of dancing going on and everyone really had a good time.  DJ MasterMix understood the flow of the party and played music which fit the flow and made it more enjoyable then other DJ services I have seen before.

Jeff and Vanessa Love - Jan 2016



DJ MasterMix was amazing! Michael was extremely calm and accommodating- we instantly clicked when we spoke on the phone and we knew he would be perfect for our wedding! And he was!  Thanks again! Everything was absolutely AMAZING! I have received some great feedback with regards to the message that is sent to individuals who have texted you to request songs during the night.  Thanks again for making our day so memorable!

Krista and Tyeler Helsel - Jan 2016



I love DJ MasterMix and can’t wait to work with him again.

Margo Prevost - Cranberry Resort - Dec 2015



Anthony was wonderful and so kind to everyone! 

Crystal - RBC - Dec 2015



Justin of DJ MasterMix was our best DJ yet (been doing this for 8 years) overall from beginning to end.

Doula - Subura Canada - Dec 2015



DJ MasterMix has restored my faith in DJ's after having a bad interaction with a previous DJ we are ecstatic to have booked DJ MasterMix! Our buck and doe was a huge success and so much fun thanks to the music and Michaels help with timing to run smoothly.  I had multiple guests ask for information on our DJ and compliment the music and DJ!

Steve and Stephanie - Nov 2015



We could not have been happier with our choice in using DJ MasterMix for our wedding.  Anthony went above and beyond.  As you know the power went out.  Anthony was the one of the individuals that greeted me (bride) upon arrival at the venue, he was the only one that was trying to help me navigate through the building in the dark using his cell phone flashlight app.  The venue staff and event planner were not there to help but Anthony was.  He had also went as far as pulling his car around and playing music from his car stereo to give the guests some back ground music as they waited for the ceremony to start.  He was even prepared to sing the song I had selected to walk down the isle to, to avoid walking down in silence.  DJ MasterMix made our wedding night!  We could not speak more highly of Anthony and Mike for all their help, professionalism and skill.

Brad and Stacey - Oct 2015



We had a new level we haven’t experienced with a DJ service. Others were less organized.  Very pleased with the overall performance of DJ MasterMix and Mario, will recommend DJ MasterMix going forward.

 Ken and Kathy Morin - Oct 2015



I'm very glad we went with you, everything went perfectly. The guests I've talked to since all loved the music, and thought the volume and everything was perfect.

Ryan and Lucinda Koroll - Oct 2015



Excellent music selection, the guests loved the variety and everyone really enjoyed the music.  Everything was fantastic and I thought the music was great and I’ve had so much great feedback from guests.

Michael and Laura Porc - Sept 2015



The service was awesome! So pleased with the company and what they did for me!  DJ Ryan did very good, best I have seen

Melanie and Justin Pehlke - Sept 2015



Ryan was honestly phenomenal! We had such a great time and he really captured the audience well.

Jessica and Bradley - Sept 2015



Michael, Thank you so much for helping us make our day special day so memorable!  Thank you for your kindness by helping us have the wedding of our dreams.  Words can't express how grateful we are!  You are amazing. 

Holly and Dennis Mitchell - Sept 2015



Our experience with Michael was amazing. He was very energetic and very flexible to our needs as the requirements continued to change throughout the evening.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

Alicia Mancuso - IQ Business Events - Sept 2015



Michael seems to really enjoy his job and it shows! He kept the evening flowing really nicely and added lots of personal touches using information he asked about during our phone and email conversations before the wedding. He cared that us as the wedding couple as well as our guests were happy and we really appreciated his sincerity!  Michael was really engaging and did a great job being our MC as well as DJ.

Heather and Shawn - Sept 2015



Thank you DJ MasterMix for DJing our wedding on August 22nd.  DJ Michael did an amazing job!  A great selection of music for our dance, the party was going all night long and our guests were loving it.  Michael was very personable with our guests and had a lot of fun with us. If anyone is looking for a DJ we would highly suggest DJ MasterMix!

Craig and Lindsay Clark - Aug 2015



Anthony was great and we were super happy with the service! A++

Amanda and David - Aug 2015



DJ MasterMix, went above and beyond not only a DJ, but an event coordinator, a photographer, just made sure everything was smooth and easy for us! We enjoyed our evening so much more because of your services and personality.

Mark and Tara Ouimet - Aug 2015



We can not thank Anthony and DJ MasterMix enough. He did such a wonderful job and everyone was enjoying everything he played. He definitely knows how to get a party going and keep it there!!  I would love to fill out any services or areas for reviews. I would recommend you guys to anyone!!

Becky and Samwillie - Aug 2015



Michael Roberts' company DJ MasterMix is an incredibly professional and thorough company. We would highly recommend this company for ANY parties or events that require a DJ. Our wedding was at the Nottawasaga Resort in Alliston, ON that consisted of 80 people in total. The DJ who Michael chose for us - Matt - was incredible in ensuring our day was flawless from the pre-ceremony music to the last call on the dance floor in the evening. We requested a very soft and flowery vibe until after dinner and then we wanted it to be just like a club at our wedding reception! Matt went above and beyond delivering exceptionally fun music and did a wonderful job of reading the audience.

The online song request and planner pages made me feel SO organized. Any meetings or messages between Michael and us were always professional, timely and very fun! It is very easy to see just how much Michael values his team and his business. I would highly recommend DJ MasterMix for any of your party needs, it was an absolute blast. We had many wedding guests commenting on how it was the best wedding music they had ever heard. The customization is key and they really respect your wishes with that consideration. When you're purchasing a package with Michael Roberts, you're not just purchasing a DJ package but a complete experience and unique and individualized relationship.  Thank you DJ MasterMix and DJ Matt!

Melanie and Devin Gaffoor - Aug 2015



Thank you Michael for helping us make our day a memorable one!

Paige and Barney - July 2015



Thank you so much for your EXCELLENT level of service at our wedding. We were truly thrilled with how everything went. Leading up to the wedding your professionalism and customer service was at a high level. We are extremely pleased with your online service which allowed us to log on at anytime to add our information and requests. Its such an ease service. Our guests were thrilled with you as a DJ and your request format (texting). Thanks so much for offering such a great quality DJ service. I will be sure to recommend you in the future.

Jake and Rachel - July 2015



Anthony really knew how to play off the crowd and played music that people really responded too. Also found that he was very personable with the crowd.  After our wedding, we really felt that we picked the best DJ for us! Everyone really enjoyed Anthony and said that he was one of the best DJs ever. He really played off the crowd and was so personable. We would recommend DJ Master mix to anyone. Also, everyone really enjoyed walla-balla (not sure how to spell it)

Sarah and Bradey Monahan - July 2015



Many thanks to the Anthony for a job well done. Our guests had a blast, and the dance floor never once was without movement.... which was something that kinda concerned us being that the ceremony was both indoors and out... those that were getting a drink couldn't help but go to the floor and dance .... Anthony really did his best to ensure our needs and requests were met, and not an easy task... so again, thanks to the team for a job well done Richard & Louie....

Richard Rice - July 2015



We were very pleased with the service in its entirety. I have no complaints!  The other DJ’s I’ve seen weren’t as engaged.

Ashley Parrell - May 2015



Anthony came out first to make sure all the names were right and through out the night to make sure everything was going the way it should be.  The enthusiasm was amazing, as well as the music!  It was an amazing experience.  He was the best DJ I have ever seen so far in my life!!

Amanda and Kevin Dreher - May 2015



Very happy with Michael and would highly recommend him.  Heard several positive comments regarding the music selection from our guests and from the venue owner.

Patricia Thiffault - Retirement Party - May 2015



DJ MasterMix is hands down one of the nicest, most professional guys in the industry!! I've had the pleasure of hiring him for several events at our school and worked with him on numerous charity events and he never disappoints!! Can't wait to work with you again! All the best!

Belinda Tait - May 2015



Definitely the best experience we’ve ever had with a DJ.  Good variety of music, while keeping everyone dancing. 
Thank you again for making our wedding so much fun for us and our guests.  We received a lot of compliments on the music and we really enjoyed how many people were dancing throughout the night.  Very professional service and really helped the whole day go very smoothly.  Thanks!!

Chris and Heather Dart - Jan 2015



Mike was amazingly helpful throughout the whole day. I would recommend him to everyone, and play exactly what we wanted. (sometimes dj don’t take requests and its annoying)

Ashley and Mike Harris - Dec 2014


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Everything was wonderful and helped take our day to the next level! Kept the party vibe going and played a good mix of music.

Kelly And Josh Thompson - Nov 2014



Michael, Thank you for providing an evening of music we will never forget!  The dance floor was hopping all night long, which is exactly what we wanted!  Thanks

Katherine & Julie - Nov 2014


Micheal was extremely helpful and engaging. Helped make me feel comfortable and make my day go smooth.

Dawn and Ashley Pasqualini - Oct 2014


"DJ MasterMix was a pleasure to work with. Everything was executed flawlessly, from set-up to special requests.  Ryan was a fantastic DJ and we had a great experience. We'd highly recommend him and strongly recommend DJ MasterMix to anybody looking for a DJ."

Warren and Stacey Pamukoff - Oct 2014



Loved The Dance Floor

Adam and Krista Markew - July 2014



Amazing once again don’t’ know how many times I can keep saying this. Went above and beyond. Took pictures of the ceremony and reception. Took charge and made sure people got into the reception hall on time. Made my requests for the first dance. Was not expecting this kind of service. Very unique. Keep up the good work!

Amy and Ilia Gouchtine - July 2014



Ryan played upbeat and fun music all night – which was exactly what we wanted! Mine and my husband’s first dance was to a Bob Marley song, and I loved that Ryan decided to end the night with a Bob Marley song as well – it was a creative way to wrap up the evening and bring everything together in a full circle.

Joanna and Lukas Timm - July 2014



Thank you Mike, you went over and above our expectations! You were the most helpful to us and I will continue to recommend you to everyone!

Jenna and Ryan - June 2014



We were really impressed with Michael right from the beginning. He is a true professional that has learned his craft well. All of our guests complimented us on the DJ, and asked 'where we found him'. We were both extremely happy that he was able to emcee and entertain our group, people were laughing and dancing all night.  We had very different age ranges and he was able to cater to all groups.  It was also great that he communicated and kept both my husband and I in the loop for the whole night, and did not stress out about other vendors messing up our schedules, he just went with the flow.  We can't understand why he doesn't charge more for his services!!! 

Kathy McCann - Feb 2014


We had a roughly vague idea of what we wanted for DJ/MC. We wanted people to have fun from ages 25-85 and didn't give Mike much input. Well he was spectacular, I had guests tell me he hasn't played a bad song, they've liked all of them, everyone had lots of fun and he was able to keep the guests enjoying themselves. Everyone I have spoken with since the wedding makes the comment that the DJ, and wedding was excellent. I recommend Michael personally and also by the reviews given by my guests. There was only one negative thing, he is priced to cheaply for the quality of services he provides, if it was me I would charge more. I also would have liked to select more attributes above but it only lets you select 3, he is also personable, an expert in his field, high integrity and creative with his help and suggestions. The three I selected are the 3 most important things for a wedding.

Grant  Cafferty - Feb 2014


Received many compliments from guests after the wedding on how the DJ was great. Definitely got the party started and kept it going.

Peggy Meigs (Perkins) - Jan 2014



We hired Michael for our wedding that took place in November of 2013.  We couldn't have been any happier. Very professional, fun, high energy, great ideas.

Highly, highly Highly recommend DJ Master Mix ?

Melissa Brown - Nov 2013



Michael is very organized and great to work with. He was very helpful and able to make our night great with very little guidance from myself as to what we wanted. I would definitely recommend anyone to use his services, as he is a great person to work with!

Nikki O'Neill - Oct 2013


Very happy to have come across DJ MasterMix. The DJ did an amazing job.  The DJ I had for my wedding with this company is 100% better than the DJ from another company at my friend's wedding. My DJ played songs that had been requested, their DJ did not or did not have up to date music like mine did.

Becky and Steve Smith - Oct 2013



My name is Erin Christiano, Alliston volunteer Site Manager for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Run for the Cure.

Michael and I meet just over a year ago and quickly hit it off. Michael is passionate as I am, and when talking to him realized that we both have the same interests when it comes to helping out our community. At the time I was looking for a DJ to help us out at the Alliston’s Run for the Cure event and Michael did not hesitant to help out. The day of the event I was blown away from his professionalism! The music he played to get the participants pumped up was incredible, and especially Michael realized how nervous I was, he kept me calm and organized! Michael, DJ Mastermix truly helped make the event such a success!

We look forward to working with Michael again at the 3rd Annual Alliston Run for the Cure Event on Sunday, October 6th.

Thank you very much for all that you do.


Erin Christiano - Oct 2013



Michael is a very knowledgeable - creative DJ. He knows all about his music whats new, whats in and the vibe of his guests and what music they want to listen to. He is very friendly and easy to talk to - has a GREAT personality.

Courtney Hay IWPP - Token of Love Weddings & Restaurant Supervisor at Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Centre & Spa


To whom it may concern;
I had the pleasure of working with DJ MasterMix on June 8, 2013 for our wedding.  We had two prior meetings with Michael and we couldn't have been more impressed with his organization, knowledge and genuine interest in making sure that our day was everything we wanted it to be.  Michael was diligent in responding to all of our questions and was very helpful in his suggestions to ensure we were well informed throughout the entire planning process as it can be hectic at times.  On the day of the wedding DJ MasterMix arrived quite very early to set up and checked in with me as often as possible to make sure that I was okay and to see if there was any assistance he could offer.  Michael also MC'd for us and we were very pleased with how he introduced the wedding party and his word choices for setting ground rules for dinner.  Michael dressed very well for our occasion.  He played all the music we liked and asked for, he was very open to our music choices which were not traditional.  There was no awkwardness when meeting or planning with Michael as there can sometimes be with new people, he is very welcoming.  Throughout dinner he would always keep eye contact with me and my husband in case we needed assistance or had any issues.
DJ MasterMix is a DJ I would recommend to anyone and I would love to have them back for any future occasion.  

Jeni and Drew Early - June 2013



Michael is an excellent DJ.  He is always concerned with the satisfaction of his clients.  I would definitely always recommend him to other people.

Trish Beesley - Trish Beesley Photography and Brampton Mompreneurs - May 2013



My wife was happy therefore I was too!  Thanks again.

Major. Kevin Platts - CFB Meaford    - May 2013



D.J. Michael was far more professional then the past DJ's we have worked with, had a far better attitude and stayed beyond the contract ending time.  All appreciated by the hosts of the party and us, the venue.  Many positive feedback reports.   Excellent to work with. 

Megan Young - Shelbune Golf and Country Club - Jan 2013



Hello Everyone!   I would like to take a quick moment of your time to thank everyone for all their support last night!You did it again, we surpassed our Goal of raising 1500 pounds of food......drum roll........the GRAND TOTAL....1800 pounds!   I am truly overwhelmed on how we have such wonderful Guests, Friends, Staff,  Family, and our local businesses to help support such a wonderful cause! This morning my husband and I brought over the all the food and I can tell you, it will do a world of justice. Just think of how many families will have a better Christmas all because of you!   I would like to stand out a few people; Mayor Mike MacEachern, and Deputy Mayor Rick Milne, Councillor Fran Sainsbury, Councillor Paul Whiteside, Councillor Bob Marrs for taking the time out of their busy schedules! My "Elf" Randy for helping behind the scenes, DJ MasterMix for providing the great Christmas music, Anne Marie - Tim Horton's, RoseMary from Mark's Workwarehouse, Fay Smith from Mansfield Ski Club, Bill and Ginette Leavoy, Kim and Bill from KD Wray, Linda Wan for their very generous donations. Thank you to my great Staff who got all dressed up in their best Christmas attire. A BIG shout out to Corey and his team at Ridley Windows in Mississaugua, (many of them have never been to Alliston yet they went above and beyond with their donations of food!), to the special lady that donate $26.00 to pass on her 26 acts of kindness.  Thank you to Santa, and his "head" Elf - Rolland for making a special appearance! Thank you to the Alliston Herald for helping promote our event, and thank you to Wendy from The Times for taking the time to come out last night and helping me promote our event!    I have been receiving many nice emails, and texts messages congratulating me on a great job, however I can not take any of the credit, YOU made this happen, so from the bottom of my heart I deeply thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedules and supporting The Good Shepherd! (especially at this time of year!)     Have a wonderful Christmas, and wish you all the best 2013!   Lastly, Thank you for putting up with all my emails promoting our event, I promise this is the last in 2012! ?   Stayed tuned as pictures will follow on our Face book page,   Merry Christmas!

Erin Owner/Operator East Side Mario's            Alliston  -  Dec 2012


Thank you so much for all that you did Mike. We had an amazing time. All of our guest had nothing but good things to say.

Sebastien and Angie Goudreault - Aug 2012



Mike out did himself at our wedding, he blew us away! We are so impressed with him. Excellent DJ and MC!!

Curtis and Stephanie Austin - July 2012



Thank You Michael for an amazing job today at the Showcase. You made the event fun, upbeat and full of energy with your services!!! We truly appreciate you doing this for us!!!

Caledon & Area Mompreneurs - July 2012



Thanks a million Mike.  I appreciate everything you did for us and I had many compliments on the great job you did.  If I or anyone I know ever needs a DJ, I will pass your name along.  Excellent night.  Thanks for being a part of it and the awesome job you did with everything!!  

Dave and Pam - June 2012



Thank you so much for your services at the wedding. Everyone had a blast. Kevin's sister, who got married 3 years ago said that it was the best wedding she's ever been to, and that's saying something! You have to know that the party was great because I danced to almost every single song. My calves are sore. 

Kaytlyn DeBruyn - May 2012



I’ve not seen a dj do a better job than DJ MasterMix. I’m very pleased with the service I received.

Jenny Stevenson - April 2012



I liked Mike because he listened to what I wanted and was very concerned about me!  Thank you again Mike. You made it the best day ever in history!

Amber and Anthony - April 2012



This DJ was able to cater to the particular crowd and their varying tastes in music. The people who stayed to dance got on their feet. In previous performances, other DJs did not take requests and would only play a certain type of music.  The DJ was very obliging and courteous. Those that were there to party enjoyed their time and I was Happy that he took the time to ensure everything was going as desired.

Tasnima Rahman – Bison Transport – Nov 2011



Michael was excellent – no complaints at all 

Linda Gibson – County of Simcoe Nov 2011



He was very professional, not loud like most DJ’s , the selection of music was generated evenly through out the night, and there was no pauses or music breaks.  The event was my 13th wedding anniversary/ divorce party on Halloween.  The turn out was not what we had planned, due to the season, but if I could hire a DJ every Friday or Saturday night for just my friends and I, instead of going to a bar - it would definitely being Michael from DJ MasterMix.

Leigh-Anne Ott-Christakos -  October 2011



We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you did for us at our wedding.  Words alone cannot express how happy your music made us.  We had many comments about what a good DJ you are.  We can understand you being popular as you are very through and thoughtful about your music and choices.  You added so much to help making our wedding day such a special occasion for us.  We both hope that the future brings better things for you. 

Ted & Johanna Roberts - Sept. 2011



Everyone thought Michael was amazing, was the best I have ever seen

Sara and Cory Stibbard - Aug 2011



Great job, very happy with how everything went.  Other DJs I have seen have almost always been overbearing and annoying. Normally they try to take over the event and talk way too much on the mic and disturb the guests who are trying to eat their dinner. However our DJ had a perfect balance.

Matt and Laura Rupke - July 2011



Our DJ was enthusiastic and energetic, involved with the crowd.  Obviously enjoys what he does.  DJ was courteous, organized, professional.  Was everything we  hoped for.  Would definitely recommend.  Thank you so much for donating your services to our wedding through the "Extreme Wedding Giveaway."
We appreciate your generosity.  The Music was great & it was great to see everyone up dancing & enjoying themselves.  We also loved the little touches, like the trivia & Scavenger hunt.  We had a great day!!!!

Scott and Alicia McArthur - April 2011



I was incredibly impressed with Michael's work ethics and his attention to detail. Michael provided his services for the Extreme wedding giveaway event and we were so thrilled to have such a personable DJ to provide a great service from start to finish. It was a privilege to work alongside of Michael as he kept the crowd entertained and provided a lot of fun entertainment for the guests. I would HIGHLY recommend Michael for your next won't be disappointed!

Evelyn Patterson - Owner/Operator at Evelyn's Special Event Decorating



Michael has an amazing gift of music and understanding the crowd he is entertaining. He hosted my big birthday party and I had requested specific music all night long. He did an amazing job and I will be forever grateful. I recommended him at an employment function as well and he kept the entire audience of bankers pumped and excited. I am very proud of your accomplishments Michael. I wish you continued success!

Bonnie Geertsema  - Dec 2010


On behalf of the Alliston Community Policing Committee, I would like to thank you for your generous donation to the Annual Halloween Youth Party.  The Event includes a youth dance, games, pumpkin carving contest, costume contest and refreshment.  Many community partners have providedd the funding, prizes and refreshments so that this event is free to all youth who attend.  Your continued support of youth is appreciated.  Thank you.

Pat  Middlebrook



We both were extremely happy with the music at our ceremony and Reception.  DJ MasterMix had a variety of music available to please all ages and kept everyone up dancing all night.  We loved that our guest were able to request a song and it be played immediately!  It was a fantastic evening!  Thanks so much for the great entertainment! 

Leslie and Jamie Santorelli



Absolutely recommend Mike to DJ your next event. We had mike for both our buck and doe as well as our wedding and he did everything we asked him to do and more then we asked! Played everything we asked for, his professionalism is outstanding. And his care and compassion in the fact that it is a day for you is more then any other DJ offered. He made such an impression that my cousin booked him for their wedding 3 years later!!! great job again Mike you were awesome, thanks for sharing and helping make our day such a great day!!

Melissa Patterson



Mike was the D.J for both my buck and doe and wedding, FANTASTIC job!!! Fun, professional and provided the BEST dj service around...
and pricing MORE than fair..
I always recommend him if I hear anyone is looking..

Jessica Coulter



Very good job, with the variety and the crazy request we were asking for.

Jacquie Rowbotham



Mike went along with everything at our wedding, & was a good sport about it.  He checked in with us about everything.  Mike you helped to make our day a very special one.  We & our guests will never forget it.  It was our dream wedding, Thank you for all your help & patience.  If we need a DJ again we will call you again.  Thank you.

Wayne & Karen Hobbs



Interacted more with the crowd.  Your games got the people involved.

Melissa McGillvray



What an amazing job!!  I was very impressed with all Mike did on the weeks leading up to the wedding and during the event.  All of my guests said that they had a wonderful time, and they didn't get off the dance floor the whole night.  Mike was extremely professional and enthusiastic!  He even got on the dance floor to teach my guests a new dance to a song that was playing. 

Lindsey Harvey



Great Job!  The event was a success!  Great Job!

Bobbie McMullin



Mike did a fantastic job.  Keep up the great work, and see you next year.

Donna Balenzano


Very professional & enthusiastic

Gail Simpson
Manager - Zehrs



Everyone I spoke to felt the mix of music was great, they all loved the bubbles and the mixed lights.  Thank you for helping us make our wedding a success.

David and Shelia Jones



Music was played to our liking, just the way we wanted it.

Don and Terri Boychuk


Mike, Thanks for the great job you did DJing at our wedding.  Our guests we very impressed with the variety of Music.  Thanks again.  Our guest actually went out of their way to ask where we had found you.  They loved the music.  Very professional, but  also personal.

Tim and Rebecca Charlton


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