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DJ Michael was great!  We'd absolutely hire him again and again!

Amy (Blue Mountain) - Dec 2019

DJ Leslie and Emily with the Photo Booth both a big hit!   We loved the additions to our event and received many compliments on both of them!

Gail (Hunter Engineering) - Dec 2019

DJ Jean Paul was the best!  Everyone at the party loved him.  He was really accommodating and did not have to be told what to do.  I really appreciate all that he did and I wish him all the very best!

Helen  (Hi- Mark) - Dec 2019

Michael was fantastic to work with, Michael listened to my suggestions and was proactive in making the event better where he could.  He knew the venue really well, which made planning logistics easy. He was also very helpful and on point with his MC duties. The sound and lights were excellent, and our guests really enjoyed the night!

Olivia (Cronos Group) - Dec 2019 knocked it out of the park for us on Friday night !!!! Everyone loved everything about the evening but ESPECIALLY  the music. You hit the nail on the head with you selection and you saw the result on the packed dance floor. 

Thank you for helping to making our organizing committee (especially me..haha!!!  look good) You’re the best!

Gail (Probus Club)- Dec 2019

Everything was great - I took a couple of days to recover, and am still amazed we pulled that wedding off in 10 weeks!  The music and emceeing was fantastic - I'm so glad you were able to be with us that evening.  Thanks so very much!!

Keely and Justin - Nov 2019

Thank you for checking in. We had a great time at our Christmas party. Thank you for doing an amazing job. We appreciated it very much. We will definitely keep you in mind for future events. 

Michelle (Great Clips) - Nov 2019

DJ MasterMix was amazing!  He worked closely with my husband and I to understand our wedding guests and to play the music that they would actually boogie to.  Our guest commented that they loved all the music choices and that our dance floor rocked!  Highly recommend DJ MasterMix.

Kyle and Erinn - Nov 2019

We always enjoy DJ Michael at our events.
He is great with the crowd, very helpful with games, and assists in ensuring the night goes smoothly!

Michelle (McDonalds) - Nov 2019

The evening went well.  I had no problems or complaints.  The team was very happy with everything and want to thank you very much for helping us to make it a fun and successful evening.

Dufferin Oakes - Nov 2019

DJ Gord was great! He was very responsive to our needs and was great facilitating requests (and there were many!) from our guests.   Really appreciate everything.
Christian and Marie-Claude - Nov 2019

Everything was fantastic! We were so happy! Sean was over the moon you played some of his favourites he forgot to tell you about!
Thank you sooo much for everything we are so thankful we went with you! Just such an amazing job!!!!

Sean and Mercedes - Nov 2019

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Everything went great at the wedding at DJ Gord was awesome.  We were very pleased with the service.  Also, my sister did a music related speech and after her speech he played many of the songs she referenced which was a nice touch

Karen and Phillip - Nov 2019


Everything was perfect and I personally truly appreciated Michael checking in with me to make sure everything was going smoothly.  We will definitely be recommending DJ MasterMix to anyone in the future! 
My coordinator Sam also said he was wonderful to work with as well as my cousin Jimmy.  A great experience all around.  
Amanda & Ryan Stitt - Oct 2019


Absolutely fantastic...  outstanding work by DJ Grant, he kept them in the dance floor until close...   Always a pleasure working with DJ MasterMix

Splash Events - Oct 2019


The atmosphere was so much more lively and energetic, when there was a song no one really danced to he switched it quick so people came back onto the dance floor. Mike was engaging, outgoing, and overall amazing.

I’m still getting comments about how everything was great, and they loved the music.

Marine and Brett - Oct 2019


Leslie did an amazing job and made my dream come true! I was on the dance floor all night and the dance floor was booming. She was a perfect match for our wedding day and can’t thank her enough! She had amazing advice for the day of and made her I had everything I needed. She really knows how to work the crowd and played “banger after banger.”

Erin and Ryan - Oct 2019


I wanted to share how fantastic you were during our wedding and in the lead up. As you could tell by all of the dancing, everyone loved the music and energy that you brought. You made my dream of our wedding being a big dance party come true, and for that, we are extremely grateful!
I also want to thank you for being so professional and helpful in the months leading up to our wedding. As I mentioned when we chatted that night, I felt completely confident that you would be a great choice because I felt your passion for what you do and commitment to helping us ensure that our wedding was exactly what we wanted in each and every interaction we had. It’s refreshing to work with someone so deeply invested in and energized by their work.

Shannon and Brandon - Oct 2019


We can't thank you enough for the great job you did. You kept the ambient music going all day, and kept people on their feet for the whole party....even my dad was dancing to Bon Jovi by the end!
Thanks for also being so flexible and helpful with the last minute livestream....and the unexpected yurt relocation. 
Maeve and John - Oct 2019


We had a great time at our wedding with DJ Mario, and yes my feet are finally back to normal ? Thank you for everything - the dance floor was packed all night and we had the BEST day ever!
Mallory and Mark - Oct 2019


THANK YOU! Everything was absolutely amazing and Jay, myself and all our guests had such an amazing time.  You helped us with quick changes on the spot and made the entire evening so much fun!   We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know is getting married.
Trisha and Jay - Oct 2019


Saturday was fantastic! Everyone had an amazing time, nothing but good comments for Tyson! Everyone loved him and he knew how to keep the party going. He was professional and he was very good about making sure me and my husband were happy about how things were going throughout the night.
Holly and Brook - Oct 2019


Everything was absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for all Your planning help and advice etc. If you took any pictures or wanted to use ones we had we give permission.

Chris and Sarah - Oct 2019


Was a great night. Mario was able to read the audience/dancers and play music that would keep them dancing! He worked well trying to coordinate things with our MC

Brittany and Kevin - Oct 2019


We all had so much fun and DJ Ty was a large part of that! We even had a few people who never dance get up on the dance floor, which was awesome.

Charlotte and Derek - Sept 2019


Everything went great, very professional and have no concerns. Would definitely recommend again 

Mat and Chance - Sept 2019

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Grant was amazing! Knew exactly how to keep the party going! Honestly! Everyone loved him!
Jordan and Daniel - Sept 2019


We really liked how DJ Ty changed the song when he noticed that people weren’t really into it. I also liked how he came to me a few times giving me a heads up it was almost time to do things like the cake cutting and bouquet toss.
Everyone had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the music that was played!
We will definitely be recommending DJ MasterMix ?
Chris and Melissa McCallum - Sept 2019


The wedding was absolutely perfect. Gord did a great job & we’ve heard nothing but compliments from our guests.

Lauren and Mack - Sept 2019


Everything was AMAZING!!! We cannot thank you enough. The dance floor was packed the entire night thanks to the awesome music. Couldn’t have asked for better service, DJ Grant was amazing!!!! Exactly what we envisioned for our special day. So thank you guys so much for everything, we truly appreciate it!!! Wish we could get married again just to have another sweet party lol

Sarah and Dave - Sept 2019


Leslie was great! Played great songs and even offered some very good advice for the day. Everyone had a blast!
Alexandra and Matt - Sept 2019


Everything was great! Everyone loved the DJ and we have a few that are interested for their weddings and events! We have passed along the website and contact info!
Thanks again so much, we had a blast and Micheal was super helpful all through the night!

Hailey and Cameron - Sept 2019


Things went quite well on Saturday. Leslie was really great at feeling the crowd for music (I only really had a few dancers who wanted to dance, so she kept them very happy!), and she was very quick with transition songs in between speeches that directly linked to something that was said in the speech. This was fantastic and definitely got some laughs! 

Thank you very much for all your help throughout this entire process! You were very professional, and definitely helped us plan this thing! 

Coralyn & Jared - Sept 2019


Everything was wonderful thanks so much.

Olivia and Nicholas - Sept 2019


We had an amazing team of professionals helping us on Saturday. Chris played a key role amongst them. He was the perfect fit for us. A number of our guests commented on how great the music was. He really seemed to understand the mix of music that would work, keeping everyone enjoying themselves late into the night. We are both very thankful that he was part of our celebration.
Andrew and Larry - Sept 2019


Saturday was great! Ty did an awesome job. I felt really bad because I know he was being pulled every which way with requests.   We had an amazing time and he did great.

Becky & Jake - Sept 2019


Both Marshall and I very much appreciated Leslie’s thoroughness with her pre event questions, and how she executed day of. She even went above and beyond by placing a fan by the head table so we would not overheat.  We were very pleased with her services and professionalism and will absolutely recommend DJ MasterMix to others.

Shannon and Marshall - Sept 2019


Dj Micheal was excellent!!!! Our guests, myself and Drew and our entire wedding party had a blast! Michael was very professional leading up to the wedding with constant and quick communication via email and phone. During the day he was always checking in with our MC's to ensure everything was on time and rolling smoothly. His music choice was perfect for the timing of the wedding. He played a great mix of older music and transitioned into more current music later in the night. I am very happy we decided to choose DJ MasterMix to be part of our special day. I would recommend Michael for any special event anyone has coming up as I know he will bring the same positive attitude and energy to everything he does. 
Katie and Drew - Aug 2019


Mike was so attentive to what I wanted, and did a fantastic job!

Monica and Eric - Aug 2019


You did an amazing job! We loved the music all night, the mix was perfect. I loved that people opened the dance floor during cocktail hour and that we shut the floor down with a slow jam. Our whole day was just fabulous. We loved everything about it ❤️ Thank you for being a huge part of that!

Ulana and Ben - Aug 2019

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The wedding was great ! Evening couldn’t have gone any smoother ! Grant was amazing.  Couldn’t have changed anything.

Ashley and Arthur - July 2019


Couldn’t have been happier with our DJ for our wedding on July 7th. DJ Michael was awesome, there were people up dancing who don’t normally dance. The music was loud enough to have fun and still be able to talk to all our guests without shouting.

Loved Micheal’s attention to detail and check ins on how everything was going during the evening.

Nick and Helen - July 2019


Everything was wonderful on Saturday! JP did a great job with the music, a little country heavy (which I personally loved) and we missed the generation dance, which is too bad. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and the dance floor was hoppin' most of the night! Thank you for an amazing party!

Maddy and Andrew - July 2019


On behalf of the entire team, Thank you to Michael! Everyone had an amazing time and absolutely loved karaoke night.
Michael was friendly, great to get along with and punctual in starting the event.
There were a few shy attendees, but his music selection helped pull them up on stage and even when there was no one singing, he took over the floor like a champ and made sure the event kept going.

Sonia - July 2019

Our DJ was fantastic! Thank you so much for your services, everything went off without a hitch and I so appreciate how Michael adapted on the spot to little changes that were needed as the night went on. All of our guests went on and on about what a good time they had and that it was one of the latest weddings they had been to because everyone just couldn’t leave the dance floor! My brother, who played our first dance, also made a point of letting me know how professional and organized Michael was as he helped set up for the live music. We were very happy with the services and would absolutely recommend! Thank you again, our wedding was a night we will never forget!
Sarah and Spencer - July 2019


Everything went great, I don’t have any complaints!  Thank you for everything your portal planning truly makes the process easy!

Samantha and Adam - June 2019


Our wedding was a massive success, in large part due to Michael's professionalism, charisma, and music selection. Having spoken him during the event, he had clearly coordinated very well with our officiant and the hall. Cues were organized, on time, and all pre-selected songs were done right. As our emcee, he presented well for our guests and all information was communicated clearly and quickly. All speeches were introduced well and he checked in with us several times through the night.
All of the music was a hit. The songs through dinner were either songs we hadn't heard in ages, the classics, or interesting covers of current songs. It blended well, and people were singing along all through the meal. During the dancing, he read the crowd well and people kept flocking to the dance floor from open till close. He included our must play east-coast songs and it was blended into the rest of the music so well. People commented all night that they loved the music selection!
We're so grateful to have had Michael as our DJ for our wedding.
Thanks again,
Ryan and Jessica - June 2019


We had a great time with DJ Grant and were very satisfied with the services you provided. Thanks again!

Mark and Emily - June 2019


Mike,  I can’t thank you enough!  My son came home telling me that he danced all night!  All of the grade 8 graduates had a rockin’ time and enjoyed the music you played.  

A “win” in my books!  I have passed your name along to a few friends.  Do you do DJ bat mitzvah?

Dana - June 2019


DJ Gord did a fantastic job ! He has everyone up dancing  and standing on their chairs during dinner !! So many compliments from guests ! Thanks a lot for everything !

Michelle and Brandon - June 2019


DJ Michael was absolutely fantastic on my wedding day. Hosting a wedding with a lot of relatives who are not used to "dance songs and engaging in activity", I was blown away at how DJ Michael managed to have everyone engaged. There were multiple people who came up to me after the wedding who told me that they loved my DJ - even my mom was impressed!

Adrienne and Chi - June 2019


Everything went do great! The day was perfect and JP was wonderful.  Everyone had so much fun!
Thanks so much for everything!

Jenna and Kevin - June 2019


DJ Michael was awesome!! We couldn’t have asked for a better fit or a more accommodating person!!  Will definitely recommend for any Future events!!

Laura and Leslie - June 2019


It was an amazing day and everything went well with Mike.  He was an awesome DJ & MC. We would be happy to recommend him to other couples.

Emily and Dylan - June 2019

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Tyson did a great job, very professional and punctual. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ to complete their event.

Chris and Ashley - June 2019


Everything went really well at our wedding. We think that you did an amazing job as not only being our DJ but also our MC. It allowed all friends and family to enjoy themselves. I also want to note how my mom commented how you went above and beyond during set up and throughout the night to ensure everything was perfect (e.g., the cake table!). You ensured everything was professional, on time, and that both Najaf and I were happy throughout the entire day/night and we knew exactly what was happening. So thank you very much!! We would highly recommend you to our friends and family!

Najaf and Ashley - June 2019


We had a great experience with DJ Gord and Mike as the Photo Booth Attendant!  They were on the ball with everything and we didn’t have any issues whatsoever.   Very helpful and professional.  
Thank you again for such awesome service 

Jason and Jessica - June 2019

Leslie was amazing - best DJ we could have asked for. She went above and beyond and was a hit!

Heather and Patrick - June 2019


I want to start by saying thank you to DJ MasterMix and DJ Michael for supplying the AV for the event. The music was perfect for the crowd in attendance, the sound system was exactly what we needed for the show. 
DJ Michael went above and beyond to help with the night, from helping set up the venue to covering the front door to take tickets when needed. 
I will only be choosing DJ MasterMix for all my future events.

Joe - May 2019


DJ MasterMix was better than other DJs I have seen perform at a Buck and Doe.  I have not seen other DJ’s get involved with guests and make great announcements.  We got a lot of positive feedback.

Marisa and Albert - May 2019


Thank you for following up. Gord was a pleasure to work with. He brought his own table and was ready to go at the start of the event. I asked him to be like a radio station on location and interact with the crowd. He was excellent and even engaged the group in the cha cha slide.

Krista - May 2019


Yes everything went well, Grant was great! Very easy going and made sure everything was good throughout the night. He went over the schedule at the beginning and was very flexible. Anything he was unsure of he clarified to make sure he knew about how games worked, etc. When we lost track of time he would remind us of things coming up like toonie toss ? We loved that he came with some Star Wars attire as well! Haha

Jaclyn and Colin - May 2019


Thank you for following up, everything was great and Chase and Micheal were amazing! They were both very helpful throughout the night giving us advice, promoting the games and helping us during the toonie toss! It was a great night and everyone complemented us on our DJ. The bartenders that work for the hall said our DJ was amazing, I’ll definitely be recommending DJ MasterMix to anyone that asks!!

Hailey & Cam - April 2019


Everything went fine and DJ Matt was great. Thanks for checking in.

Henry and Amye - April 2019


Everything was great!  DJ Mario was super friendly, warm, attentive and easy to work with.  Right away the dance floor kicked off and guests were having a blast ? We really appreciated that he listened to some of our music suggestions and direction and was happy to play or skip a song when asked without question. We decided to do without our connection dance as guests were leaving and we wanted to spend time with them and Mario was great about it. He also reminded me prior to the bouquet toss when to be ready which i appreciated as the night got away from us! He was professional and courteous and we would totally use him/DJ master-mix again in the future!
I was also really happy to see that our first dance was recorded.. that was so nice to re-live and we appreciated that he captured that for us!

Thanks for all of your help and coordination throughout the last few months, you guys have been awesome!

Brooke and Andrew - April 2019


Thank you very much !! Everything went great.  DJ Grant was a great help with Everything !! We would love to have him be the DJ at our wedding !!
Great  variety  Of music , great at getting the crowd up and going.

Ashley and Albert - March 2019


The event went really well it was a great turn out and most important everyone had a great time ! Music was great and there were a lot of people on the dance floor !

Michelle and Brandon - March 2019


Everything was amazing with DJ JP and DJ Michael as the Emcee!!!  My guests were very happy with the music. Both Canadian and Mexicans were thrilled with the music !!  Thank you on behalf of Jonathan and myself.

Kimberly and Jonathan - Feb 2019


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Michael was amazing. Super helpful and professional! He made sure there was music for everyone! He was a part of the planning for the entire day and it would not have been nearly as successful without him!! He was super easy to work with and made the day seamless! Best MC services we have seen!  Thank you for helping make our day so wonderful and for making our daughter feel so comfortable and special!

Alanna and Dan - Feb 2019


I would highly recommend DJ MasterMix! Mike is so knowledgeable and is so patient, during our first phone call - before I had even hired them - he spent half an hour explaining the process, his job, and really everything I didn’t know about music at a wedding!! I hired him the minute he said - the Bride is in charge and the DJ will respect any of their wishes!!! They allow you to use an online portal to organize your day to which you have a final meeting with Mike which he walks you through everything and ensures ever detail is to your liking.
Gord was our DJ for the evening and he went over and above for our wedding. Upon my arrival he politely introduced himself and then explained that he had asked the hall to rearrange the seating in a fashion that made more sense!!!! like WHAT!! How amazing is he!! He showed up early, he met with the officiant, the decorators, the hall staff, and he really helped to co-ordinated the evening! He was constantly checking in to make sure we were happy and to make sure it was ok to move forward with the evening. And he was almost part of the family!! I would highly recommend Gord and Dj Master mix! I also believe they have won awards and have appeared on Four Weddings Canada!!

Jordan and Alex - Feb 2019


Thank you so much for sharing those photos.  We were very happy with absolutely everything on Saturday.  Mike was fantastic – we couldn’t have been happier!
Thank you so much for your amazing work.  Would 100% recommend DJ Mastermix to anyone looking for a DJ.

Julie and Jasper - Jan 2019


I’m usually pretty easy to please in terms of music selection, so I haven’t met many DJs where I wasn’t happy with that part. However, I think Mike stood out for his super friendly style, helping me out with planning before the wedding (he made me feel like he really

knew what he was doing, let me know exactly what he needed from me, and I felt like everything was under control), and his awesome enthusiastic introductions of the wedding party!

Karen and Nicholas - Jan 2019

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