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Everyone remembers their favorites. Favorite team, food, automobile, television show, childhood memory etc. The reason I say this is because it's the reason why I adore photography. It was a photo of my niece at her baptism. The clarity of the photo showing the water pouring onto here precious head. Capturing her innocence. Capturing a moment in time and remembering it forever.


Now, I have no idea which niece it was or even when it was. I even wish I could find the photo. Long before digital. However it is the reason why I love photography. Capturing the moments in time that are most important.

I like to have fun when I photograph. Natural smiles and laughter , I feel, appear better in photos. But it's not all about me. Listening to my clients input is also something I'm proud of. Please take the time to explore the remainder of my website. You'll find a few of my favorite photos.

My photos mean as much to me as they do to all people I photograph. Let me capture the most important moments in your lifetime.

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